Metrel Test Leads (30 Products)

This section contains test leads suitable for use with Metrel testers and also other brands, providing they have the right input/output to accept the lead's jack.

We stock a selection of Metrel test leads which are suitable for use in everything from multimeters to multifunction testers. Many of the leads come with different forms of connectors, including crocodile clips and probes. We also stock a selection of banana plug test leads which are able to be used in all testers with a standard 4mm banana plug output.

As well as invidiual leads we also have a selection of test lead sets from Metrel and other manufacturers. These sets usually contain a selection of leads with various different types of lead accessory.

If you're in scenarios where testing is difficult, why not check out the Metrel 50m test lead? This long lead comes in its own coil and can be used for effective testing even at a distance. 

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