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Test Leads

  • Whether you're just looking for a standard crocodile clip or a manufacturer's own unique testing probes, you'll find everything you need in this category. Ideal for finding spare probe tips or replacing lost accessories!
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  • Use these leads in combination with earth testers to create a safe testing environment. Products in this category range from lead bundles in various lengths to earth testing kits which include leads and earth spikes for driving into the ground.
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  • The easiest way to find Fluke's extensive selection of test leads. Includes test leads suitable for use with a wide variety of testers (using 4mm jacks), Fluke's SureGrip leads/probes, test lead sets and much more.
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  • Kewtech's range of testing leads is extremely varied; they create everything from jump leads to fully GS38 compliant universal 4mm jack leads and specific leads made for individual testers such as the KEW4105A.
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  • Megger's range of test leads are made to the highest quality and are suitable for use with Megger testers as well as other manufacturer's equipment. Also includes socket interface adaptors and other test lead types.
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  • Deluxe lead sets, specific leads and more from notable test equipment manufacturer Metrel. Ideal replacements for your existing test leads/test lead sets available and leads for specific instruments also in stock.
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  • The test leads found in this category are generally universally-compatible leads for use with testers that accept 4mm jacks. Includes leads from Socket and See, Amprobe, Anton, Extech, Silvertronic and TestSafe.
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  • Test safely from a distance with these extension-style test leads! Available in a range of different sizes, colours and capabilities with handy winding reels, these leads are 4mm-jacked for use with most types of electrical test equipment.
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  • Test lead sets come with test leads in various styles, crocodile clips, probes and other accessories in one handy bundle pack! Ideal for getting everything you need for testing in one place and compatible with most electrical testers.
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Many different testing procedures rely on the use of high quality test leads to actually be possible. Although a lot of pieces of test equipment do come as standard with test leads supplied, there are many times when this isn't the case, or test leads might lost their efficiency or become unsafe over a time period, leading to a replacement being needed.

This category is packed full of test leads, test lead sets and manufacturer-specific test leads. It also includes common accessories designed to compliment the use of test leads, including testing probes, crocodile clips and other similar devices.

Using the right test leads with the right tester is of the utmost importance. Carrying out testing with leads that aren't meant for the job is likely to yield incorrect results, and can also be incredibly unsafe. It is recommended that you discover the manufacturer's recommended test leads for that product before making a purchase, and  that the leads you buy are similar to these specifications.

Leads come in many different forms. Some are two-wire and used for various testing scenarios, while others might come with an integrated tip, while others come with tips that are designed to be swapped out. There are also some leads designed specifically for certain testers, and these feature unique connectors that won't fit into other manufacturer's equipment.

It's important to remember that even though many manufacturers make their own equipment and recommend the leads for use with their own devices, there are also many times when leads might be applicable with another tester. If this is possible it's generally listed in the product description section of the lead in question.

Under this category you'll find:

  • A range of high quality Crocodile Clips and Testing Probes designed for attachment directly onto test leads. Crocodile clips are available in various sizes and jaw widths, while testing probes also come in various different sizes including thin testing probes, long-reach testing probes and more.
  • Specifically designed Earth Test Leads made for use with earth testing devices. This section also contains accessories used for earth testing such as earth spikes and also contains earth test lead kits.
  • Massive range of test leads from multiple manufacturers. These include Fluke leads, Kewtech leads, Megger leads and Metrel test leads.
  • Test leads designed for use with Multimeters. Suitable for voltage, current, capacitance and other types of testing.
  • Extremely long-length R2 Wander Leads designed for carrying out testing procedures at a distance.
  • Comprehensive Test Lead Sets packed full of test leads, accessories such as probes/croc clips and other essential devices.

If you have any questions about our range of test leads don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us via email, the telephone numbers at the top of this page or alternatively use our 'Product Questions' section available on each product and one of our team will be in touch as soon as is possible.