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FLIR ONE PRO Smartphone Thermal Camera for Android & iOS (3rd Gen)

435-0006-03 / 435-0007-03 / 435-0011-03
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There are three versions of this product available - choose between:

  • SKU: 435-0006-03: FLIR ONE PRO for iOS (iPhone) (temporarily unavailable)
  • SKU: 435-0007-03: FLIR ONE PRO for Android with USB-C Connector (temporarily unavailable)
  • SKU: 435-0011-03: FLIR ONE PRO for Android with Micro-USB Connector (temporarily unavailable)

Introducing the FLIR ONE PRO, FLIR's most powerful thermal camera made for smartphones!

Improved, refined and packed full of even more features than the original and 2nd generation FLIR ONE thermal cameras for your smartphone, the FLIR ONE PRO produces excellent quality thermal images, all using your existing phone.

The FLIR ONE PRO is a dongle with dual visual and thermal cameras which plugs directly into your phone's connector. With Android (micro USB and USB-C) and iOS (lightning connector) models available, the FLIR ONE PRO is suitable for use with most makes and models of smartphone available on the market today.

Ready to purchase your FLIR ONE PRO? Select which version you'd like using the drop-down box in the buy section.

FLIR ONE PRO Attached to PhoneSee the Difference with FLIR VividIR Technology

Exclusive to the FLIR ONE PRO, the VividIR image processing technique produces FLIR's sharpest ever mobile thermal imaging.

This technology, which isn't available on the standard FLIR ONE, increases the level of detail in thermal images significantly. With more accurate results and clearer documenting of problems, you can show your findings to colleagues and customers in excellent clarity.

Here's all the important details you need to know about the FLIR ONE PRO's imaging capabilities:

  • Exclusive FLIR VividIR Image Processing - FLIR's most advanced image resolution and processing techniques enhance your thermal findings, helping you find problems faster and work more efficiently
  • Excellent Thermal Resolution of 160 x 120 Pixels - with twice the resolution of the standard FLIR ONE, the PRO produces better quality images and can also measure temperatures as high as 400°C
  • FLIR MSX Enabled - this mode embosses visible edges from the FLIR ONE PRO's built-in 1440 x 1080 HD visible light camera onto thermal images, creating sharper, easier-to-understand pictures with clearly defined edges and detail

Take a look for yourself the difference the PRO makes in these comparison images, taken with the standard FLIR ONE and the FLIR ONE PRO:

FLIR ONE PRO Comparison Images

FLIR ONE PRO Adjustable ConnectorOneFit Adjustable Connector

Worried that the FLIR ONE PRO dongle might not fit around your phone's case, or you may struggle to get it into position?

The PRO is designed to make sure this isn't an issue thanks to FLIR's new OneFit adjustable connector. With this, you can attach the FLIR ONE PRO thermal camera to your smartphone, even when you're using protective cases around your phone.

  • Adjustable Length - both the USB-C and Lightning connector versions of the PRO can be expanded by an additional 4mm
  • Reversible Connectors - ensures your PRO is facing the right way, available for both Android and iOS versions
  • Keep Your Phone Safe - no need to remove your protective case - enjoy a protected phone and thermal imaging at the same time

Ready for Any Job

FLIR ONE PRO Electrical Example

The FLIR ONE PRO isn't just a handy toy for seeing the world in thermal - this is also a highly professional thermal camera that's ideal for technicians, building surveyors and for use in practically any job you can think of.

Here's just a few examples of uses for the FLIR ONE PRO smartphone thermal camera:

  • Home and Building Inspections - building contractors and estate agents can use the FLIR ONE PRO to spot heat differences associated with missing, damaged or poor insulation, detect building envelope leaks and find hidden moisture damage without the guesswork. Easily find sources of energy loss, destructive water damage and structural issues, then save all your findings ready to show customers and colleagues
  • HVAC and Plumbing - find problems quickly and easily with the FLIR ONE PRO. Whether it's an air leak, water leak or electrical shorts, the PRO helps you to document everything and find areas where repairs are needed significantly faster than other methods
  • Electrical Issues - if electrical parts have problems, they generally output high levels of excess heat. With the FLIR ONE PRO, you can get accurate, reliable temperature measurements from a distance away from electrical equipment and easily find components which are outputting high levels of temperature
  • DIY - take your projects to the next level with the FLIR ONE PRO. Whether it's improving your home, tinkering on your car or anything else, the PRO is ready for the task


The FLIR ONE PRO smartphone thermal camera works exclusively alongside the FLIR ONE app, available for both iOS (from the App Store) and for Android (from the Google Play store).

Redesigned to take advantage of the PRO's capabilities, the app truly unlocks the full potential of the PRO.

Features include:

  • Find the Problem - with multiple, real-time spot meters and regions of interest clearly visible on your smartphone
  • Real-Time Thermal Tips and Tricks - built into the FLIR ONE app for easy referencing
  • Full Support for FLIR Tools Software - download your findings directly into FLIR Tools for further analysis
  • Smartwatch Compatible - connect to an Apple Watch or Android Smartwatch to see around corners and awkward spaces

FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE PRO Comparison

Want to know what's different between the standard ONE and the PRO version? Take a look at the comparison chart below:

MSX Visual and Thermal Image Blending
VividIR Image Processing
Thermal Only Mode
Visible Only Mode
Video, Photo and Time-Lapse Modes
Swipe To See Visible Image Mode
MSX Distance (Alignment)
Thermal Colour Palettes 9 9
High/Low Gain Mode
IR Scale (Displayed on Image, Adjustable Range)
Spot Meters (Max) 3 (movable) 1 (fixed)
Rectangular Region of Interest (max) 3 (movable)
Circular Region of Interest (max) 3 (movable)
Manual Flat Field Correction
Emissivity Settings 4 4


At the time of writing the below tables of compatible iOS Android products were correct. For more up-to-date information please see Flir's Compatibility web page, accessible via this link.


Model Comments
iPhone SE Accessory has been designed to connect specifically to these models, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod, iPhone, or iPad may affect wireless performance.
iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus
iPad / iPad Mini


Model Comments
Google Pixel

To be compatible with FLIR ONE, a device must meet the minimum requirements and appear on the list below as a compatible device.

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least Android Version 5.0.0
  • GPS, Location, OTG USB, Flashlight, and Microphone Capabilities
  • For Panorama functionality: Gyroscope and Accelerometer Capabilities
  • GPS, Location, Microphone, and Flashlight Permissions
Google Pixel XL
Google Nexus 6P
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung Galaxy A5

***The current FLIR ONE Pro firmware incorrectly reports the battery charge as ~88% when the battery is fully charged.  The incorrect percentage the app reports does not affect the actual battery life of the device.  There is nothing wrong with the physical battery and it is fully charged even though the display may indicate less than 100%.    In the next few weeks, FLIR will release an over the air firmware update to all users.  Like other common devices in use today, users will receive a message in the FLIR ONE app to upgrade their FLIR ONE Pro firmware through the app and a correction will be applied.  In the meantime, please use the FLIR ONE Pro with confidence that it is receiving a full battery charge.***

Part Code435-0011-03

FLIR ONE PRO Technical Specifications

General Specifications
Certifications MFi (iOS version), RoHS, CE/FCC, CEC-BC, EN61233
Operating Temperature 0 to 35°C (32 to 95°F)
Battery charging 0 to 30°C (32 to 86°F)
Non-Operating Temperature -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Size 68 x 34 x 14mm (W x H x D)
Weight 36.5g
Mechanical Shock Drop from 1.8m (5.9ft)
Types of Camera Thermal and visual with MSX
Thermal Sensor Pixel Size 12μm
8 to 14μm spectral range
Thermal Resolution 160 x 120 pixels
Visual Resolution 1440 x 1080
Horizontal Field of View 55° ┴1°
Vertical Field of View 43° ±1°
Frame Rate 8.7Hz
Focus Fixed 15cm to infinity
Scene Dynamic Range -20 to 400°C (-4 to 752°F)
Accuracy ±3°C (5.4°F) typical percent of the difference between ambient and scene temperature. Applicable 60s after startup when the unit is within 15 to 35°C (59 to 95°F) and the scene is within 5 to 120°C (41 to 248°F)
Thermal Sensitivity (MRTD) 150mK
Emissivity Settings Matte: 95%
Semi-Matte: 80%
Semi-Glossy: 60%
Glossy: 30%
Reflected background temperature is 22°C (72°F)
Shutter Automatic/manual
Battery Life Approx 1 hour
Battery Charge Time 40 minutes
Video Male Lightning (iOS), Male USB-C (Android)
Charging Female USB-C (5V/1A)
Video and Still Image Display/Capture Saved as 1440 x 1080
File Formats Photo - radiometric JPEG
Video - MPEG-4 (file format MOV (iOS)), MP4 (Android)
Capture Modes Video, photo, time lapse
Palettes Grey (white hot), hottest, coldest, iron, rainbow, contrast, arctic, lava and wheel
Spot Meter Off, °C, °F
Resolution 0.1°C/0.1°F
Adjustable MSX Distance 0.3m - infinity
Battery Charge Monitor 0 to 100%
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