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Fluke L200 Probe Light

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Fluke L200 Probe Light

Using a test probe regularly, but often find you can't see what you're doing to either poor lighting or power outages? There is a solution!

Introducing the Fluke L200 Probe Light, a quality product from Fluke that is designed to quickly and easily clip onto your test probe and offer quality illumination of the area you're working on. 

Small and lightweight, the Fluke L200 uses bright white LED's to offer quality light without the need to hold a torch. Boasting over 120 hours of battery life and running on common 2-3 volt watch batteries, the Fluke L200 also clips easily onto your test probe, providing an easy solution for you lighting needs while also giving you both hands to work with.

Here at Tester we've also got a kit available that provides you with both the Fluke L200 Probe Light and also a set of extendable probes, allowing you to stay at a safe distance from live circuitry while also getting quality illumination.

Fluke L200 Probe Light Key Features:

- Bright white LED light

- Clips onto test probes for hands free illumination

- 120 hours of battery life

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