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Our tools category contains essential tools for viewing, measuring and installing various different things.

The first major category under this section is borescopes, or boroscopes. Borescopes are highly useful devices that are perfect for viewing testing areas which can’t be accessed normally – they feature long, thin flexible cabling that can be bent around difficult applications, and they feature a viewfinder on the end which can be used to view exactly what the lens at the other side of the cable sees. 

We also stock a selection of SuperRod and other cable installation equipment. These devices are used to route cabling through difficult applications easily; cable rods are much more efficient than trying to do so manually, and pulling cables becomes much less of a hassle when using one of these products.

You’ll also find a selection of laser distance meters in store. These devices are used to accurately measure between two points, and use laser measuring to determine the exact distance. We stock a wide range of different laser meter including Leica Disto products, UNI-T distance meters and other laser measuring tools.

The final category under tools is thickness and hardness testers. These devices are used to accurately gauge the thickness of such things as painting coats, or to determine the hardness of a component.

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