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Fluke L205 Mini Hat Light

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Fluke L205 Mini Hat Light

For those looking for a cheap, convenient solution to working in darkened areas where power may be out or there isn't a good source of light, look no further than the Fluke 1205 Mini Hat Light.

The Fluke L205 uses a bright, xenon lamp for quality light when you need it the most, and the best part is the device being entirely hands-free due to the include handy hat clip! This is perfect for most professionals as you regularly need to use both of your hands to get the job done, but often you need to hold a torch in one hand because there's simply not enough light. This is a thing of the past with the Fluke 1205 Mini Hat Light.

We really can't recommend this piece of equipment enough to you. 

Fluke 1205 Mini Hat Light Key Features

- Xenon powered, ultra-bright light

- Includes hat clip 

- Strong and durable, can survive drops onto concrete from up to six feet

- electrically and thermally nonconductive

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