Partial Discharge Detection

About Partial Discharge Detection

Partial discharge detection is a non-destructive test used to identify and locate defects in the insulation of high voltage equipment. Partial discharges are electrical discharges that occur between two conductors within an insulation system. They are caused by localised electrical stresses that exceed the breakdown strength of the insulation. Partial discharges can damage the insulation and lead to premature failure of the equipment.

What is a Partial Discharge Detector?

Partial discharge detectors are an important tool for the maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment. By detecting PD early, it is possible to prevent serious damage to equipment and avoid costly outages.

We stock PD equipment from Megger, EA Technology, HVPD, Sonel, Fluke and other leading brands.

What happens with Partial Discharge is detected?

It is important to take steps to mitigate the problem and prevent further damage to the equipment. This may involve repairing or replacing the insulation system, or modifying the operating conditions of the equipment.

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