Gloves - Insulated, Under & Over (36 Products)

About Gloves - Insulated, Under & Over

Insulated gloves are essentials for any electrical engineer. They form an insulative barrier between an electrical point and the skin of an individual, ensuring work can be completed safely and without risk of electrocution. They're most important for use with higher voltage systems when touching the live system could be extremely damaging and potentially fatal.

Made of high grade silicon rubber, our insulated gloves are comfortable to wear, give the user maximum flexibility and are certified for use against different levels of voltage. Our lowest range gloves are certified for use on systems up to 500V, while the higher range gloves can be used to protect against arc flash and voltage up to 36000V.

Many insulated gloves are also resistant to other factors such as acid, high temperature or even mechanical damage. For extra protection it's possible to use undergloves which lie under insulated gloves to further enhance movement and safety.

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