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Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector

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The Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector can be used to take accurate spectrum, time domain and partial discharge level measurements, thereby helping the user to identify faults and avoid accessory failures. Its long battery life (10 hours) ensures that the user is able to easily complete a full day of surveying without interruption. Please see the video below for a quick overview of this instrument’s capabilities and operating interface.

This instrument’s high bandwidth and compatibility with an array of sensors ensure that it can be used to perform partial discharge (PD) surveys and take PD measurements in both medium voltage and high voltage substations. Furthermore, it is supplied with a di-pole antenna for conducting UHF surveys.

The Megger UHF PDD's high bandwidth facilitates its ability to measure local online PD activity within frequencies above those of common disturbances.

Another advantage of this high bandwidth is that when it is used with the PRPD (Phase Resolved Partial Discharge) pattern display the Megger UHF PDD is able to measure partial disturbance more accurately; this is because the instrument’s internal and/or standard mains plug synchronisation sensor ensures that the instrument is correctly synchronised with the power frequency. Therefore when the Megger UHF PDD’s high bandwidth and PRPD pattern display are used in conjunction with one another the Megger UHF PDD is able to detect, differentiate and ultimately display different defects and discharges; for example corona, surface and dangerous internal partial discharges are all separately categorised, ensuring that the user can clearly distinguish between the three.  

Further to this, the Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector’s inclusion of both radio frequency (RF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) measurement capabilities, results in its ability to diagnose partial discharge within an array of equipment, such as:

  • Cable-end terminations
  • Surge arrestors
  • Voltage transformers
  • Isolators

It is possible to purchase additional sensors in order to expand the Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector’s scope-for-use. For example:

  • Inductive HFCT and Capacitive TEV Sensors: optimised for measuring MV cables and switchboards
  • UHF PD Coupling Sensor: designed to improve the detail and precision of PD measurements for HV components such as terminations (suitable for systems rated to 500kV)
  • External Synchronisation Sensor: intended to ensure the Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector is directly in phase with the test object

(***Please contact our sales team for more details***)

This versatility of use makes the Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector a practical, cost-effective, accurate instrument. Its capabilities can be extended even further as a result of its dual channel functionality. This feature facilitates the Megger UHF PDD’s unique ability to compare two phases or two UHF sensors.

The Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector offers a comprehensive selection of complex measurement functions, however, the Megger UHF PDD’s interface and operations system have been optimised to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible. The user is able to select how he/she wishes to interact with the instrument, either via the six-inch colour touch-screen or via a foil keypad. Secondly, in the interest of simplicity, menus and settings are kept to a minimum and, in order to aid the user’s ease-of-use, this instrument will guide the operator through each measurement process. Finally, the Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector works to maintain its own accuracy as it also features a built-in pulse generator which is optimised to perform sensitivity/ functionality checks.

Therefore the Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector is an accurate, comprehensive, yet simple-to-use addition to any maintenance or service team’s toolkit.  

Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector Key Features

  • Ideal for accurately and non-intrusively measuring partial discharge in both high and medium voltage substations
  • Helps to identify faults, thereby preventing accessory failures
  • Capable of performing spectrum, time domain and PD level measurements
  • Long battery life: 10 hours
  • High bandwidth
  • Compatible with an array of sensors
  • Partial discharge surveys
  • Di-pole antenna for conducting UHF surveys
  • High bandwidth facilitates the measurement of local online PD activity in frequencies above those of common disturbances
  • High bandwidth and PRPD pattern display accurately measures PD
  • High bandwidth and PRPD pattern display detects, distinguishes and displays different defects and discharges
  • Its internal, mains or external sensor ensures the UHF PDD is synchronised with the power frequency for accurate PRPD pattern display
  • Radio frequency (RF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) measurement capabilities facilitates partial discharge diagnostics in an array of equipment
  • Compatible with a number of other sensors 
  • Dual channel functionality facilitates comparisons between two phases or two UHF sensors
  • Operated via 6” colour touchscreen or foil keypad
  • Simple interface: minimal menus and settings
  • Guides user through each measurement process
  • Ideal for maintenance and service teams
  • Integrated pulse-generator for sensitivity/ functionality checks

 What’s Included?

  • Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector
  • Mains Synchronisation Sensor
  • UHF Di-pole Antenna
  • Charger
  • BNC Cable
  • Mains Cable
  • Rugged Transport Case
Part CodeUHF-PDD

Megger UHF Partial Discharge Detector Technical Specifications 

Frequency range
UHF 150 ... 1000 MHz
RF 100 kHz … 70 MHz
Sensitivity - 90 dBm
Display 6 inch, colour touch-screen, 640 x 480 pixels
Internal memory 10 Gb
Power supply
Charger Input voltage 100 … 240 V, 50/60 Hz, output voltage 12 VDC
Internal battery Li-Ion 7.4 V / 12.25 Ah
Battery life > 10 hours
Charging time ± 6 hours
Wireless 868 MHz (standard)
(mains sync) 913 MHz (US-version)
Data USB 2.0 (host)
Operation - 20 °C … 50 °C
Storage - 30 °C … 70 °C
Relative humidity 93 % at 30 °C (non-condensing)
IP rating

IP 65

IP 67 (in transport case)

UHF PDD 1.9 kg
Transport case 3.8 kg
Total weight 6.9 kg (incl. device, mains sync, charger, antenna and cables)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
UHF PDD 25 x 19 x 10 cm
Transport case 46.5 x 28 x 34.5 cm
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