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Kern OCM Compound Inverted Microscope - Choice of Model

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Note: there are two versions of the Kern OCM microscope available. The basic difference is:

  • OCM 161 has a halogen illuminator
  • OCM 165 has both a halogen and a fluroescent illuminator

See further below for a more comprehensive breakdown of the differences between the scopes.

About the Kern OCM Microscope

Ideal for any lab, the Kern OCM is a inverted-style, trinocular microscope that's suitable for viewing samples in culture vessels (flasks, petri dishes and microtitre plates) as well as translucent, thin, low-contrast, challenging samples such as living mammal cells, tissue and microorganisms.

Kern OCM scopes are designed with ergonomics and easy viewing in mind - these models both include a high quality, special Abe N.A 0.3 condenser with aperture diaphragm, giving large working distance of 72mm to ensure very best working practice in both bright field and fluorescent applications.

Both models also ship as standard with a mechanical stage with built-in, 118mm diameter specimen holder. Additional brackets for petri dishes are included with the scope, or can be purchased at a later date as accessories.

Depending on the model purchased, you will receive different illuminators. The OCM 161 model includes a strong and continuously adjustable, 30W halogen illumination unit for bright field observation. The OCM 165 model includes this illuminator as well as a Osram 100W Epi fluorescence illuminator for perfect illumination and excitation of fluorescence samples.

Additional specimen holders, phase contrast units and additional eyepieces/objectives can be ordered separately as accessories (please see further below for available items).

Kern OCM Microscope Key Features

  • Compound, lab-grade microscope with inverted, trinocular eyepieces (two eyepieces with space for camera)
  • Made for research and breeding of cell cultures and tissue cultures
  • Two models available - OCM 161 comes with 30W halogen illumination unit, model OCM 165 includes halogen unit plus Osram 100W Epi fluorescence illuminator
  • Special Abbe N.A 0.3 condenser with aperture diaphragm and large working distance of 72mm
  • Mechanical stage with specimen holder (118mm diameter
  • Dust cover included in the pack
  • Infinity optical system
  • Standard models include the following objectives: LWD10x, LWD20X, LWD40x and LWD20xPH
  • Diopter adjustment on both sides

Model Comparison/Accessories

The following table shows the configuration for each model in the Kern OCM series.

  • A '' symbol shows that the item is included as standard. If two '' symbols are present, two of the item are included
  • A '' symbol shows that the item is not available for the model shown.
  • The text 'Optional' shows that the item is NOT included as standard. These items can be ordered as accessories using the part number supplied (please call us for more information)
Model OutfitKern Model NumbersOrder Number
OCM 161OCM 165
Eyepieces (30mm) HWF 10x / 22mm diameter (adjustable) OBB-A 1491
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objectives (for long working distance) 4x / 0.11W.D 12.1mm Optional Optional OBB-A 1493
10x / 0.25 W.D 8.3mm OBB-A 1494
20x / 0.40 W.D. 7.2mm OBB-A 1495
40x / 0.60 W.D. 3.4mm OBB-A 1496
Binocular Tube 45° inclined
Interpupillary distance: 48-76mm
Light distribution: 100:0
Diopter-adjustment: both-sided
Mechanical Stage Stage size (W x D): 210 x 241mm
Travel size: 128 x 80mm
Coaxial coarse and fine-focusing knobs
X/Y control knobs can be fitted on either left or right
Suitable for attachment of a 96-hole microtitre plate
Drop Specimen Holder (110mm) OBB-A 1503
Specimen Holder for 35mm Culture Dish Optional Optional OBB-A 1505
Specimen Holder for 54mm Culture Dish OBB-A 1506
Specimen Holder for 65mm Culture Dish Optional Optional OBB-A 1507
Condenser Abbe N.A 0.3 (Aperture Diaphragm), LWD 72mm N/A
Illumination 6V/30W Halogen Spare Bulb (Transmitted) OBB-A 1372
Phase Contrast Units Phase Contrast Slide (Universal) OBB-A 1500
Infinity PH-Plan Objective 10x Optional Optional OBB-A 1497
Infinity PH-Plan Objective 20x OBB-A 1498
Infinity PH-Plan Objective 40x Optional Optional OBB-A 1499
Fluorescence Unit 100W HBO Epi Fluorescence Unit, Two-Hold Slide (B/G) OBB-A 1516
Colour Filters for Transmitted Illumination Blue OBB-A 1510
Green OBB-A 1511
Yellow Optional Optional OBB-A 1512
Grey Optional Optional OBB-A 1513
C-Mount 0.5x Optional Optional OBB-A 1515
1x Optional Optional OBB-A 1514
Part CodeOCM 161
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