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Kern OKO Metallurgical Microscope

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Note: this product is available in two variations. Model number OKO 176 comes with a standard halogen light, while model OKO 178 comes with a premium halogen light.

Kern's OKO metallurgical microscope includes both a transmitting and reflecting halogen light system, allowing it be used to illuminate samples from both above and below for a comprehensive view.

The OKO series includes a binocular-style eyepiece and quintuple nosepiece with space for up to five objectives. Four Infinity Plan objectives are included as standard (5x, 10x, 20x and 40x) with several others available as optional extras.

With this microscope's large-size mechanical stage plus a clip and plate for sample placement, you'll be able to easily position the sample you're studying. Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment knobs on the side the microscope makes it easy to adjust the field of view as needed.

This microscope is powered by standard 230V mains connection and is supplied as standard with Kern's 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Kern OKO Metallurgical Microscope Key Features

  • For professional metallurgical studies - ideal for use with metals and plastics to look for minor damage
  • Dual lighting system: transmitting and reflecting halogen lights with choice of standard or premium illumination
  • Binocular eyepiece with wide field viewers
  • Abbe condenser with aperture diaphragm
  • Supplied as standard with four Infinity Plan objectives (5x, 10x, 20x and 40x)
  • Quintuple revolving nosepiece allows attachment of up to five objectives
  • Mechanical stage (190 x 140mm) and integrated clip
  • Polarsing unit included as standard
  • Integrated scale in eyepiece
  • 230V mains power
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty included
Part CodeOKO 176

Kern OKO Technical Specifications

These specifications apply to both models (OKO 176 and OKO 178) unless stated otherwise in the table below.

√ = included in standard configuration

O = optional extra. Please call for non-standard configurations

Model Outfit Included as Standard? Part Number for Individual Item
(please quote if wanting to buy separately)
Eyepieces WF 10x / 18mm diameter OBB-A 1347
WF 10x / 18mm diameter (reticule 0.1mm) (adjustable) OBB-A 1350
WF 5x / 20mm diameter O OBB-A 1355
WF 12.5x / 14mm diameter O OBB-A 1353
Infinity Plan Objectives (no cover glass) 5x / 0.11 W.D., 6.73mm OBB-A 1268
10x / 0.25 W.D. 4.19mm OBB-A 1244
20x / 0.40 (spring) W.D. 2.14mm O OBB-A 1251
40x / 0.65 (spring) W.D, 0.45mm O OBB-A 1258
100x / 1.25 (oil) (spring) W.D. 0.12mm O OBB-A 1241
Infinity Plan Objectives (no cover glass) - for long working distance) 20x / 0.40 (spring) W.D. 8.35mm OBB-A 1252
40x / 0.65 (spring) W.D. 3.90mm OBB-A 1259
50x / 0.70 (spring) W.D. 1.95mm O OBB-A 1266
80x / 0.80 (spring) W.D. 0.85mm O OBB-A 1271
Binocular Tube Siedentopf, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable
Interpupillary distance: 50 to 75mm
With diopter adjustment (both-sided)
Trinocular Tube Siedentopf, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable O OBB-A 1343
Nosepiece Quintuple -
Mechanical Stage (for transmission) Stage Size (W x D): 190 x 140mm
Travel: 78 x 55mm
Stage fast lowering unit

Stage Plate Plate for sample placement -
Glass Plate   O OBB-A 1378
Stage Micrometer Specimen slide with scale reticule 0.01mm O OBB-A 1224
Polarising Unit Polarising/analyser slide OBB-A 1287
Condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25 (aperture diaphragm) OBB-A 1380
Illumination 6V/ 20W halogen (transmitting) and 12V/ 50W (reflecting) (OKO 176)
6V/20W halogen (transmitting) and 12V/ 100W halogen (reflecting)

OBB-A 1204 (50W transmitting)
OBB-A 1207 (50W reflecting)
OBB-A 1376 (100W)

Filter Blue O OBB-A 1176
Green O OBB-A 1192
Yellow O OBB-A 1202
C-Mount 1x O OBB-A 1140
0.57x (focus adjustable) O OBB-A 1136
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