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Kewtech ACC50MTL 50m Extension Test Lead SKU: KEWIT4

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50 Metre wander lead 4mm for use with all insulation testers and Multifunction testers. Ideal for testing circuits such as light fittings and ceiling roses where a long wander lead is required.

The wander lead has 50 metres of cable terminated with a 4mm plug which fits into your multimeter or multifunction installation tester and a 4 mm socket in the front of the reel. This wander lead is an essential accessory. It is the best way to test for earth bond continuity as well as for R2 measurements. It comes with its own crocodile clip.

First, measure the resistance of the test lead itself and record or if your installation tester has an auto null facility zero out the lead. Connect the crocodile clip to the loose end of the wander lead and connect it to the earth at the DB. Unwind however much cable you need from the wander test lead then connect the continuity tester to the extension reels 4mm connector and to the point to be tested. One end of the earth bonding should be disconnected to avoid parallel earths.

Part CodeACC50MTL
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