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Kewtech KEWISO1 Safety Isolation Kit

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Part of Kewtech's ISO series of safety isolation bundles, this kit includes everything you'll need for verifying voltage levels and preventing access to miniature circuit breakers and other compatible equipment.

What's Included in the Kit?

  • Kewtech KT1710 2-Pole Voltage Tester
  • KEWLOK Universal Lockout for MCBs/Toggle Type Main Switches
  • KEWPROVE 3 Proving Unit
  • Carrying Bag (includes transparent window for access to the proving unit while it's still in the case)

Please see below for further details regarding the instruments included in this kit. 

Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector Description

The Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector can be used to detect AC/DC voltages between 12-690V.

This instrument will alert the user to when a voltage has been detected via emitting a clear sound. It will also indicate the level of voltage detected via corresponding LED lights.

This voltage detector is also capable of performing continuity tests (detection range: 0-500K Ω) and single pole phase tests.

The Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector has been optimised to be as convenient and easy-to-use as possible. To this end, it includes a double-moulded casing for ease of grip and features an Auto-Power-On/ Off function to preserve battery life and improve efficiency. This instrument will also continue to indicate the level of voltage detected should its batteries expire or be removed, as the LED lights will remain functional.

In addition to these features, the Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector has an IP54 rating, ensuring that it is protected from water splashes and most dust ingress, making it suitable for use across a variety of environments.

Further to its practicality and selection of measurement functions, this voltage detector has also been designed with safety in mind. It has been constructed in conjunction with the international safety standards IEC 61243-3:2014 and includes slender GS38 probe tips (UK specific). Finally, the Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector includes a probe cover which works to protect both the user and probe tips from damage.

The Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector is a practical and versatile voltage detection instrument: a useful addition to any electrician's toolkit.

 Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector Key Features

  • Detects AC/DC voltage between 12 and 690V
  • Indicates the level of voltage detected via LED lights
  • Emits an audible tone when voltage is detected
  • Continuity test between 0-500K Ω
  • Single pole phase test
  • Double-moulded casing
  • Auto-Power-Off
  • LED lights illuminate without batteries, ensures voltage can continue to be detected
  • IP54
  • Built in accordance with IEC 61243-3:2014
  • UK specific GS38 slender probe tips (do not need to swap ends)
  • Probe cover protects user and tips
  • Built-in test leads
  • Includes batteries
  • Includes instruction manual
  • Includes certificate of conformity 

Kewtech KEWPROVE 3 Proving Unit Description

The Kewtech KEWPROVE 3 Proving Unit can be used to verify that the above Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector is functioning correctly both before and after detecting voltage.

This instrument can be used with a number of low impedance voltage testers. It includes two terminals to test AC and DC voltage detectors and features a proving range of 50-690V. 

The Kewtech KEWPROVE 3 Proving Unit is fast responding and will instantly ramp up and subsequently step down through the voltage levels (690, 400, 230, 120, 50V), in order to prove each one quickly.

The Kewtech KEWPROVE 3 Proving Unit also includes a LED light to indicate that the proving unit is operational. Therefore this instrument is the perfect accompaniment to the Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector, as it helps to preserve the user's safety, and detector's longevity, via testing the KT1710's functionality. 

Kewtech KEWPROVE 3 Proving Unit Key Features

  • Can be used to test the functionality of the Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector
  • Suitable for use with a number of low-impedance voltage testers
  • Two terminals to test AC and Dc voltage detectors
  • Proving range 50-690V
  • LED light indicates functionality
  • High output for even the highest current voltage detectors
  • Instant ramp up and step down through 690, 400, 230, 120 and 50V voltage levels

Kewtech KEWLOK Universal Lockout Description

Easily attach this accessory to a miniature circuit breaker or toggle-type main switch to prevent access during essential maintenance, or times when the system must be locked to be powered on/off. This lockout is ideal for securing equipment when using the above KT1710 to detect voltage. 

Kewtech KEWLOK Universal Lockout Key Features 

  • One size suitable for most MCBs and toggle-type main switches
  • Integrated combination lock prevents access
  • User-selectable combination code
  • No keys or separate locks required
  • Includes two warning labels
Part CodeKEWISO1

Kewtech KEWISO1 Safety Isolation Kit Technical Specifications

Please find below the available specifications for the instruments included in the Kewtech KEWISO1 Safety Isolation Kit.

Kewtech KT170 2-Pole Voltage Detector Technical Specifications

Voltage Test
Voltage Range 12 - 690V AC/DC
Peak Current  Is <3.5mA CAT 400V
Internal Battery Consumption Approx. 80mA
Measurement Duty 30s ON/240s OFF duty
Nominal Voltage 12/24/50/120/230/400/690V, AC50~60 Hz, DC (±
LED Tolerance According to EN61243-3
Response Time <0.5s at 100% of each nominal voltage
Single Pole Phase Test
Voltage Range 100~690V AC (50/60Hz
Continuity Test
Detection Range 0~500K Ω + 50% (23 ± 5ºC)
Internal Battery Consumption Approx. 80mA
General Specifications 
Operating ref. conditions -15~55ºC no Condensation max 85% RH
Storage ref. condition -20~70ºC no Condensation, max 85% RH
Safety standards

EC 61010-1:2010, IEC 61243-3:2014
Category: CAT III 600, CAT II 690V, pollution deg 2

IP Rating  IP54 (IEC60529)
Approx dimensions 215 x 58 x 25 mm
Weight 145g (including batteries)
Batteries 3V (2 x 1.5V AAA / R03)

Kewtech KEWPROVE 3 Proving Unit Technical Specifications 

Output voltage 180V in to 6.8 Ω , 720V - 820V in to 10M Ω
Operating conditions -10 to 40 C, 70% RH
Dimensions W65 x H120 x D45mm
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