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Megger MTB7671 Calibration Test Box

Megger MTB7671 Calibration Test Box
sku: MTB7671
MPN: 1002-224

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  • Tests the full range of a tester's capability
  • Will not trip RCD protected circuits
  • Will accurately confirm a testers ongoing performance between calibrations

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Was: £510.00
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Megger MTB7671 Calibration Test Box Details

Take this calibration box with you wherever you go to check the ongoing accuracy of insulation, continuity, loop and RCD testers.

Built inside its own protective carrying case, the Megger MTB7671 ensures that your tester remains accurate and within specifications during the time period between official calibration procedures. This makes sure that your tester operates safely and doesn't generate inaccurate results (plus ensures compliance with such bodies as the NICEIC, ELECSA and Corgi).

The instrument is capable of checking the full range of a tester's capability and even includes colour-coded sections for easy identification of testing procedures and clearly indicates whether the connected tester has passed or failed the test.

Megger MTB7671 Calibration Test Box Key Features

  • Tests the full range of a tester's capabilities to ensure measurement accuracy is maintained
  • Designed not to trip RCD-protected circuits
  • Tests in line with BS7671, BS EN 61557 and IET On-Site Guide regulations
  • Suitable for use with insulation, continuity, loop and RCD testers
  • Colour-coded interior for easy testing
  • Built inside its own protective hard transportation case
  • Insulation testing - the MTB7671 verifies voltage and current for 250V, 500V and 1kV voltage points plus additional 9MΩ and 90MΩ test values
  • Continuity testing - verifies that the correct open circuit voltage (4-24V) and short circuit current (>200mA) are present. 0.5Ω and 5Ω test values also included for resistance measurements
  • Loop testing - provides direct loop measurement from outlet socket with trip or no-trip testing procedures
  • RCD testing - 10ma, 30mA and 100mA testing values
  • Voltage measurements - this tester can check the voltage measurement range of an instrument

What's Included?

  • Megger MTB7671 Calibration Test Box
  • 10 x Test Record Cards

Additional cards and labels can also be supplied. Contact us directly if you're interested in these additional items.


There are a number of accessories available for the Megger MTB7671 Calibration Test Box. For further information, please contact our sales team. 

Our SKU Megger's Part Number Product 
1000-313 1000-313 Mains Lead MTB7671 
1007-163 1007-163 Lead Set for Megger Test Box MTB7671/2
2002-524 1007-162 Record Card Set (c/w test labels) for Megger Test Box MTB7671/2 
Accessories (3)

Megger 1000-313 Spare Mains Lead Assembly for MTB7671
Was: £87.00
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£65.25 Incl. VAT £78.30
Megger 1007-163 Lead Set for the Megger MTB7671/2 Test Box
Was: £21.00
You Save: £5.25
£15.75 Incl. VAT £18.90
Megger Record Card Set with Test Labels for Megger MTB7671/2 Test Box
Was: £24.00
You Save: £6.00
£18.00 Incl. VAT £21.60
Technical Specs

Part Code: 1002-224

Megger MTB67671 Technical Specifications

 BS7671 & BS EN61557 Tester RequirementsMTB7671 Test ParametersMegger Calibration Points
Continuity Short Circuit Test Current >200mA >200mA
PASS/FAIL indication
(threshold limits ±2%)
Continuity Test Voltage Range 4V - 24V 4V - 24V
PASS/FAIL indication
(threshold limits ±2%)
Continuity Resistance - 0.5Ω ±3% 0.5Ω
Insulation Test Current 1mA 1mA
PASS/FAIL indication
(threshold limits ±2%)
Insulation Test Voltages 250V +25% max
500V + 25% max
1kV + 25% max
250V + 25%
500V + 25%
1kV + 25%
PASS/FAIL indication
(threshold limits ±2%)
Insulation Test Resistance 0.25MΩ min
0.5MΩ min
1MΩ min

0.25MΩ ± 3%
0.5MΩ ± 3%
1MΩ ±3%
9MΩ ± 3%
90MΩ ±3%

Loop - Local mains impedance -
Loop + 1Ω - Loop + 1Ω (±5%)
Loop + 180Ω (IET On-Site Guide 10.3.5 Earth Electrode Resistance)
- Loop + 180° (±5%) 180Ω
RCD Currents (I) - 10mA, 30mA and 100mA -
RCD No Trip (1/2 I) No trip >1999ms -
RCD (I) <200ms 40ms @ 0°
50ms @ 180°
RCD (5 x I) <40ms 10ms @ 0°
20ms @ 180°

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Excellent Build, Functions and more than fit for purpose!

Review by SensesFailYou (Posted on 22/03/2013)


Having enrolled with the NIC Approved contractor scheme they stipulate you must prove the accuracy of your test equipment and this product is defiantly the best way of going about checking your meters accuracy. Out of the box you can tell straight away build quality is excellent with the device being housed in a sturdy and hard, easy to store carry case just like that of the Megger MFT 1700 series boxes.

Storage wise it holds all of the leads required to operate the device and has a compartment to store all of your logged results which can be documented on the record cards supplied by Megger which document all of the important information needed to show your accuracy. You get a good amount of record cards and stickers to stick on your tested device, so that you can remember when you last tested it and who did the test if you delegate the task to another member of staff.

Using the machine is very very simple, you plug in the calibration box and select the function you wish to test such as Continuity, insulation resistance, PFC voltage or an RCD test. As long as you have both your meter and calibration box set on the same function you cannot go wrong and this will show any defects in your tester should the results be very different to the bench mark set on your first or subsequent tests. A comprehensive set of instructions are provided but these will be quickly read as the device is self explanatory and quick to use.

To summaries this is a great product at the higher price scale for these devices but you are getting quality, ease of use, and a device that will show your tester is functioning properly which for, piece of mind is priceless and worth every penny. A* product!

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