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Megger OTS100AF 100kV Laboratory Oil Tester

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*** PLEASE NOTE: this is the base unit only. No accessories are supplied as standard. Please contact our sales team for further details or to configure the OTS1000AF to suit your needs. ***

The highest specification model available in Megger's OTS range of oil testers, this instrument measures the dielectric strength of an oil sample by applying steadily ramping voltage up a high threshold of 100kV. Once oil begins to breakdown the tester will stop the voltage and inform the user of the insulative strength of the oil sample.

To make sure that testing is as simple as possible the OTS100AF is designed to ramp up the voltage levels automatically and safely apply the voltage until breakdown of a sample begins to occur. The tester works by inserting a sample of mineral, ester or silicon insulating liquid into the included 400ml vessel and placing this vessel securely in the testing chamber. The lid should then be shut, the test activated and the breakdown can be viewed by either looking through the transparent lid or by viewing the information displayed on the devices' built-in full colour screen (which is backlit and can even be used in direct sunlight).

Tests on the Megger OTS100AF are configured via the use of an intuitive interface near the devices' screen. A number of accepted standard oil tests are pre-configured as standard on the OTS100AF (new ones can be inserted via USB) and this tester allows the user to directly configure up to three specific user-entered testing procedures. Once testing is completed it is possible to use this oil tester to interface directly with a PC or a printer to manage all testing records and ensure documentation is kept.

Additional functions of this tester include the ability to automatically calculate an oil sample's temperature, an instant shut-off function should something go wrong during testing and a flat electrode gap that is designed to specifically not damage electrodes used in testing.

Megger OTS100AF 100kV Laboratory Oil Tester Key Features

  • Automatic determination of oil breakdown levels
  • Applies voltage levels of up to 100kV in gradual ramping steps
  • 400ml oil vessel
  • 12 key alpha-numerical keypad for entering and managing data associated with test
  • Download data to PC or send to printer
  • Multiple test standards included on the unit
  • Configure up to 3 of your own tests
  • Safe to use - automatically shuts itself down by a simple button press
  • QVGA full colour screen allows the tester to be used both indoors and outdoors (even in direct sunlight)
  • High visibility test chamber with transparent lid
  • Automatic determination of oil temperature levels

Full List of Products Included

  • Megger OTS100AF 100kV Laboratory Oil Tester with 400ml Oil Vessel
Part CodeOTS 100AF-ooo-oo

Megger OTS100AF Technical Specifications

Test Voltage 0 to 100 kV rms maximum (50 kV - 0 - 50 kV)
Voltage Resolution + Accuracy 0.1 kV ±1% ±2 digits
Programmed Test Sequences ASTM D 1816-04   BS EN 60156-96    SABS EN60156
ASTM D 877A-02   CEI EN 60156-95   VDE0370 part 5
ASTM D 877B-02   IRAM 2341 AS1767.2.1
IEC 60156-95         UNE EN 6015         PA SEV EN60156
NF EN 60156
JIS C 2101-99 (M)
JIS C 2101-99 (S)
plus 3 custom test
Vessels 400ml (standard), 150ml (optional) Nylon 12 chamber provides precision
electrode alignment, adjustment wheels lock electrodes in position, option of 150 ml vessel for low volume oil samples
Oil Temperature Range 10 ºC to 65 ºC
Oil Temperature Sensor Resolution 1 ºC
Power Supply Line voltage 85 to 265 VAC
Line frequency 50/60 Hz
Interfaces USB 2.0 compatible
2 x USB type-A (Flash drive, printer
, other)
1 x USB type-B (Factory use only)
Internal Printer (Optional) Matrix impact printer
Paper 57.5 mm wide
External Printer Any printer with USB interface and PCL3 driver
Protection Dual safety micro switches on chamber cover
Display 320 x 240 QVGA colour display with backlight
Operating Temperature 0 ºC to +50 ºC
Storage Temperature -30 ºC to +65 ºC
Humidity 80% RH at 40 ºC operation
95% RH at 40 ºC storage
Altitude 2000 m
Safety Designed in accordance with IEC61010
EMC Light industrial IEC 61326-1 Class B, CISPR 22, CISPR 16-1 and
CISPR 16-2
Dimensions All models 580 mm x 420 mm x 290 mm
Weight All models 30 kg with printer option fitted
Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish
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