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PAT Tester Comparison

What's the best entry-level PAT tester?



All three of these testers are entry-level portable appliance testers (PAT) that to give users access to the bare minimum to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations set down by the IET Code of Practice. Designed to be easy to use, entry-level PAT testers are ideal for beginner users or low-volume applications without many appliances and don't have the complex advanced features found on mid-range and professional-grade PAT testing machines.

The main difference between entry-level PAT testers and their upgraded counterparts is that these testers only show a PASS/FAIL indicator when testing, whereas more advanced testers will show PASS/FAIL alongside a full test reading for records. The simple indication means you can see at a glance whether the connected appliance or cord has passed the test, but also means you won't get a full reading and can't jot it down as a reference. For beginner users, a PASS/FAIL indicator is more than suitable for ensuring full compliance with PAT regulations and these testers are found in shops, schools, offices and much more across the world.

But which of these testers is right for you? All three of them are excellent at what they do (and you certainly won't be disapointed with any of them!) but they still vary in abilities and it is important to understand the differences when considering a purchase. That's exactly what this guide is for; hopefully by following it you can decide on your perfect PAT tester and get testing your appliances!

Testing Information

As we said previously, all three of these testers perform the bare minimum to ensure that an appliance can be checked for electrical safety.

That said, the basic measurement capabilities of each tester may vary depending upon the manufacturer's design and specifications. The table below outlines the common procedures shared by all of these testers alongside unique features exclusive to each unit.

Function UNI-T UT527 TestSafe miniPAT First Stop Safety BattPAT
Appliance/Cable Compatibility Class I, Class II, cables (extension leads, cloverleaf and IEC leads) and IT equipment Class I, Class II, cables (extension leads, cloverleaf and IEC leads) and IT equipment Class I, Class II, cables (extension leads, cloverleaf and IEC leads) and IT equipment
Testing Display PASS/FAIL text on screen LED indicator lights for PASS/FAIL LED indicator lights for PASS/FAIL
Insulation Resistance Test
Test voltage: 500V

Test voltage: not specified

Test voltage: 350V
Ground Resistance (Earth) Test
IEC Lead Test
Extension Lead Test √ 
Power Socket Test
(shows normal, earth and neutral line faults)
 -  -
Polarity Test -  -  √
Long Lead Testing - -

Additional Information

Outside of their testing procedures there's other information you need to know about these PAT testers. This section is dedicated to the additional functions of these testers alongside such information as dimensions, size and battery power.

Parameter UNI-T UT527 TestSafe miniPAT First Stop Safety BattPAT
Auto Power Off - -
Low Battery Indicator √ (battery charge display)
Power 6 x 1.5V batteries 1 x 9V battery 9V NiMH rechargeable battery
Dimensions 136mm x 47mm 72mm x 150mm x 36mm 45mm x 285mm x 130mm
Weight 970g 194g 1.1kg

What's Included?

Each of these entry-level testers comes as standard with a selection of accessories designed to be used in combination with it. The following table outlines what you can expect in each standard pack.

UNI-T UT527 TestSafe miniPAT First Stop Safety BattPAT
UT527 PAT Tester TestSafe miniPAT Appliance Tester First Stop Safety BattPAT PAT Tester
Hard Carrying Case Soft Carrying Case Battery Charger
User Manual miniPAT R2 Earth Socket Test Lead
Carrying Strap 9V Battery Lifetime Warranty
Earth Bond Lead Earth Bond Lead Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
Crocodile Clip Crocodile Clip User Manual
IEC Lead - Equipment Register Form
- - Test Record Form
- - Short IEC Lead
- - 100 x Tested Labels
- - 5 x Failed Labels
- - 50 x Fuse Labels


So which of these PAT testers is the most interesting to you? Hopefully using this information has helped you make a decision, but if you've got any additional questions, please don't hesitate to call us directly for more information!

You can visit the purchasing page of each of the testers by clicking the links below.

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