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First Stop Safety BattPAT PAT Tester

First Stop Safety BattPAT PAT Tester

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  • Entry-level PAT tester - ideal for those with little experience
  • Simple PASS/FAIL indicators show you whether an appliance is safe or not
  • Fully suitable for use with class I and II appliances, IT equipment and 110V

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  • PAT Handbook + Logbook + 750 Labels (500 Pass & 250 Fail)
  • 110V Adapter + Logbook + 1,000 Labels (500 Pass, 250 Cord & 250 Fail)
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First Stop Safety BattPAT PAT Tester Details

Why not view our comparison of all of our entry-level PAT testers?

PAT testing made simple - the BattPAT is an excellent choice for those new to PAT tester, or those looking for a simple, easy-to-use PAT tester which will check the electrical safety of appliances in offices, hotels, schools, nursing homes and other similar areas.

Handheld and portable with fully rechargeable batteries, the BattPAT is great for taking from appliance to appliance (even the tricky ones under desks). It's fully suitable for use with both class I and class II appliances, is suitable for testing PCs and other IT equipment and is also ideal for testing power leads.

This video from First Stop Safety outlines the basic functionality of the BattPAT PAT tester.

The BattPAT is a PASS/FAIL PAT tester. This means that it doesn't show full testing results; instead you'll see the BattPAT light up either a red indicator for a FAIL, or a green indicator for a PASS.

Using the BattPAT is simple, even for a beginner. Simply connect to your appliance or lead using the included leads, then press the associated button on the front of the tester. The buttons perform the following tests:

  • Class I Metal: earth continuity and insulation resistance
  • Class I Plastic: insulation resistance
  • Class II: insulation resistance
  • Power Cord: continuity, insulation resistance and polarity

A dedicated button for testing long leads (in excess of 20m) is also included which is ideally suited for testing IEC extension cables. The tester has dual power ports for connection of a standard UK plug (3 pin) or an IEC power lead.

First Stop Safety BattPAT PAT Tester Key Features

  • Portable, easy to use, entry-level PAT tester ideal for smaller offices, schools, charity shops and other applications with only a few appliances to test
  • PASS/FAIL test indication - uses green or red LED lights to let you know whether an appliance is safe to use or not
  • Test class I and class II appliances, power leads and longer extension leads (above 20m)
  • Low current earth continuity test makes the BattPAT fully suitable for use with IT equipment
  • Suitable for testing both 230V and 110V appliances (requires optional 110V adaptors for testing 110V)
  • Insulation resistance test voltage compatible with surge-protected mains extension leads (prevents false readings)
  • Powered by fully rechargeable lithium ion batteries with hundreds of tests possible between each charge
  • Dedicated buttons for each test automatically carry out all necessary testing procedures
  • Tests earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity

What's Included?

  • First Stop Safety BattPAT PAT Tester
  • Battery Charger
  • Test Lead
  • Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
  • User Manual
  • Equipment Register Form
  • Test Record Form
  • Short IEC Lead
  • 100 Tested Labels
  • 5 Failed Labels
  • 50 Fuse Labels

Upgrade to Our BattPAT PAT Testing Kits!

Here at, we aim to give you everything you need when you buy your new PAT tester.

We offer a number of PAT testing kits for the BattPAT which include everything you'd normally receive as standard plus additional accessories such as our training DVD, microwave leakage detectors, more labels, logbooks and much more.

The following table compares each of our available BattPAT testing kits.

Don't need everything that's in one of the kits? No problem - call our sales team and they'll be happy to put you together your perfect PAT testing bundle pack.

Item DescriptionBattPAT PAT Tester Essentials Kit (Bundle 1)BattPAT PAT Tester Professional Kit (Bundle 2)

Deluxe Carrying Case

Keep all of your equipment safe and in one place with this large-size carrying case!

(appearance of case may vary depending on current stock)

Socket Tester

Need to check if your sockets are working right? Just plug this in to a standard UK plug socket and if there's a problem, the socket tester will let you know about it!

(socket tester may vary depending on current stock)

PAT Testing Training DVD +
Online Exam & Certificate for 1 Person

Not yet trained as a PAT tester? With our training DVD, you can train yourself from the comfort of your own home or workplace! The DVD includes access to our online examination for one person (you can also purchase additional exams for other team members, if needed).

The PASS Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing

Everything you need to know about PAT testing is outlined in this comprehensive book. Inside, you'll find useful information, colour-coded sections, photographic examples and much more to help you PAT test on a daily basis.

PASS PAT Testing Logbook

Keep a record of all of your testing with our logbook. The book includes carbon-copied records, allowing you to keep one for yourself and give the other to customers or keep for a reference.

Microwave Leakage Detector

When PAT testing, it's common practice to check microwaves are also not emitting high levels of radiation. With our microwave leakage detector you'll be able to do this testing with ease.

PASSPTA21 - IEC (C13 Female)
to Cloverleaf (C6 Male) PAT Adaptor

You'll need this adaptor to connect your PAT tester to laptop/PC power leads and other similar equipment which has a cloverleaf-shaped connector.

PASSPTA29 - IEC Plug (C14)
to Cloverleaf (C5) PAT Adaptor

This adaptor is used to connect to laptop power supplies, portable projectors and other similar equipment.

PASSPTA28 - IEC Plug (C14)
to Fig 8 (C7) Pat Adaptor

You'll find several appliances such as game consoles, laptop power supplies, audio/visual equipment and more use this type of connector - with this adaptor, you can connect them up to your PAT tester.

CK Tools AV05050 5 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Kit

A handy set of insulated screwdrivers (suitable for live working to 1000V) suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Includes 2 x PZ (1 x 80 and 2 x 100mm) + 3 x slotted (3 x 75, 4 x 100 and 5.5 x 125mm) screwdrivers in a carrying case.

WM1 - 500 x Passed PAT Testing Labels

You'll need these every time an appliance passes a test - just tear one off, fill in the fields (appliance ID, your name, test date and next test due date) and stick on the appliance when done.

WM6500 - 500 x Circular Passed PAT Testing Labels

These circular-shaped PAT labels are great for plug tops and any other appliance. The labels also include space for ticking the month/year the next test is due.

WM12 250 - 250 x Cable Wrap Labels

These passed labels wrap around a wire/cable from an appliance and are recommended for use with power supplies or on appliances where you can't stick a label. They also include space for writing your appliance ID, name, test date and next test date.

WM7 250 - 250 x Failed PAT Testing Labels

You won't need these as often as your passed labels, but you'll need to apply one of these whenever an appliance fails a test. If it does fail, the item should be taken out of service for repair or replacement

SimplyPats Manual PAT Testing Software

Keep a database of your PAT testing information on your PC and print reports with SimplyPats Manual software. Please note that this software is manual entry; you cannot download directly from the PAT tester and you will need to type in records by hand.

Accessories (10)

Microwave Leakage Detector
Was: £99.00
You Save: £50.00
£49.00 Incl. VAT £58.80
Deluxe Instrument Hard Carry Case
Was: £39.00
You Save: £14.00
£25.00 Incl. VAT £30.00
PASS PAT Testing Handbook
Was: £29.99
You Save: £10.00
£19.99 Incl. VAT £19.99
PAT Testing Training DVD - with Online Exam and Certificate
Was: £129.99
You Save: £55.00
£74.99 Incl. VAT £89.99
500 x Passed PAT Testing Cable Wrap Labels
Was: £27.00
You Save: £16.01
£10.99 Incl. VAT £13.19
500 x PAT Testing Labels - Passed
Was: £25.00
You Save: £15.01
£9.99 Incl. VAT £11.99
SimplyPats Portable Appliance Testing Software V7 - Manual Entry
Was: £99.00
You Save: £30.00
£69.00 Incl. VAT £82.80
First Stop Safety BattPAT - Replacement Earth Lead
£15.00 Incl. VAT £18.00
PASS PAT Testing Logbook - Carbon Copy (Branded)
Was: £17.99
You Save: £8.00
£9.99 Incl. VAT £11.99
First Stop Safety Charger for BattPAT Tester
£15.00 Incl. VAT £18.00
Technical Specs

Part Code: BATTPAT

BattPAT Technical Specifications

Earth Continuity Test  
Current 150 mA
AC Voltage 9V
Tolerance 5% + 20 mΩ
Fail Threshold (Normal Lead Up to 10m) >250 mΩ
Fail Threshold (Long Lead Up to 25m) >500 mΩ
Insulation Test  
Test Voltage 350V
DC Current <3mA
Tolerance 5% + 0.1
Fail Threshold Class I <2 mΩ
Fail Threshold Class II < 4 mΩ
Polarity Test  
Test Voltage 5V
DC Current 0.5mA
Working Load >30kΩ
Battery and Charging  
Battery 9V, NiMH, 280 mAH
Life 500 Operations
Fast Charge 100mA, 1 Hour
Trickle Charge 5mA
Charger DC, 12V, 300mA
Height 45mm
Width 285mm
Depth 130mm
Weight 1.1kg

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Brilliant starter piece

Review by Toni (Posted on 20/08/2018)


Excellent piece of kit for beginners. Very easy to use with no complications. Would recommend.

Easy To Use

Review by Paul (Posted on 22/06/2018)


Great tester perfect for my purpose as a musician

Easy to use and good value but sadly not right model for me

Review by MIke (Posted on 03/03/2018)


Very simple to use BUT as soon as you ask questions about results (mainly Earth Continuity Fails) you need to see numbers not just Pass/Fail. I should have bought higher spec model so expensive error on my part.

Great litle tester

Review by John Gough (Posted on 04/01/2018)


Early days yet but great little tester, easy to use.

Great piece of kit for price

Review by Barry Ingram (Posted on 16/11/2017)


Great piece of kit value for money

Worthy product

Review by Styleman (Posted on 21/11/2016)


A well built tester giving consistent accurate easy to understand results.

Real value for money

Review by Garry (Posted on 16/12/2013)


The First Stop Safety Tester is real value for money, plus all instructions and guidelines are simple to follow no jargon English. With the addition of Labels, Forms and Registers this has to be the PAT TESTER for all small use organisations. The equipment is very well made and sturdy with easy to read displays, (no eye squinting here). I will be recommending the PAT Safety Tester to other local Churches because it is perfect for the job

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