Intrinsically Safe Equipment (13 Products)

About Intrinsically Safe Equipment

All of  these pieces of intrinsically safe test equipment are designed with intrinsic safety in mind.

Intrinsic safety refers to keeping electronic equipment safe in hazardous environments, ensuring that the device(s) are kept in check and that dangerous ignitions of the environment can't occur because electrical current is kept low. Intrinsic itself refers to something being safe by its own nature, meaning that all devices within the intrinsic safety category have been purpose built to stop potential dangerous sparks or other damaging heating effects when working in volatile environments.

These tools are essential for those who work in hazardous environments such as gas platforms, providing you with confirmation that the environment you are working in will remain safe because of the quality intrinsic safety devices that Tester provides.

Please note that it really is of the utmost importance to use intrinsically safe equipment in volatile areas where there’s a serious risk of ignition or explosion. If you’re working in these environments common testing equipment is simply too dangerous to use, so please don’t take the risk and make sure you’re using test equipment that has been Ex certified.

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