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Radiodetection gCAT4 & gCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tools

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Important Note:

There are three versions of the Radiodetection gC.A.T4 available for purchase. Using the dropdown box above, choose between:

  • 10/GCAT4EN18: Standard gCAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool
  • 10/GCAT4+EN03: gCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool with Depth Estimation Function (Metric Measurements)
  • 10/GCAT4+EN07: gCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool with Depth Estimation Function (Imperial Measurements)

About the Radiodetection gCAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool

The highest-spec model available in Radiodetection's range of professional underground cable and buried utility locators, the gC.A.T4 combines together a huge range of features into an intuitive, easy-to-use intsrument optimised for use by excavation professionals in outdoor conditions.

This is the upgraded, expanded version of Radiodetection's standard CAT4 and the CAT4+; read on for a more comprehensive breakdown of the capabilities of this underground utility locator.

Don't Forget Your Genny4 Signal Generator!

Please note that the Genny4 is sold separately.

Radiodetection's gCAT4 and gCAT4+ are designed to seamlessly work with the Radiodetection Genny4 signal generator to increase the capabilities of excavation professionals.

While the gCAT4 will detect a buried utility which generates its own signal, it cannot detect non-signal generating utilities such as buried pipes. By using a Genny4, users can inject a simultaneous, dual-frequency signal into the ground, allowing users to pick up and detect other buried utilities such as pipes, telecoms and steet lighting.

It is highly recommnded that you use a CAT and Genny together at all times to ensure that you detect absolutely everything underfoot.

You can view more information about the Genny4 by following this link >>

Comprehensive Range of Detection Modes

If you use your gCAT4 or gCAT4+ alongside a Genny4, you'll be able to detect a huge range of buried utilities.

The following modes are available:

  • Avoidance Mode - simultaneously searches for and pinpoints Genny, Power and Radio signals. Ideal for rapid surveying
  • Genny Mode - detects signals transmitted by the Genny4 Signal Generator with on-demand estimation of the depth of buried utilities (depth estimation function is only available on the gC.A.T4+ model)
  • Power Mode - detects electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables
  • Radio Mode (gCAT4+ only) - detects long-range radio signals as they travel along buried cables and pipes
  • StrikeAlert Warning - warns the user when shallow buried utilities are detected
  • SWING Warning - warns when operators are 'swinging' the gC.A.T4 incorrectly to ensure correct operation and promote best working practices

gCAT4 - Ready for a Connected World

The gCAT4 is the first locator from Radiodetection to include Bluetooth and GPS connection as standard, allowing the indicator to wirelessly connect to a smartphone or tablet running Radiodetection's C.A.T Manager Online system.

When connected, the app works silently in the background with no operator intervention needed; the gCAT4 will simply transmit comprehensive data about the location process, alongside GPS co-ordinates, into a Cloud-based system which can be accessed from anywhere by operators or supervisors as and when needed.

As standard, the gCAT4 includes a free Basic account which gives users 3 months of use from the CAT Manager app and offers the ability to download and report on information. Expanded Pro and Enterprise options have also been created which can be used to make more detailed survey reports, extends the storage capabilites and sets up automatic alerts if poor practice is detected.

If you are interested in the Pro/Enterprise packages, please call us for further details.

gCAT4+ with Depth Estimation Function

Please note that this function will only be available if you order the gCAT4+ model. This is not included on the standard gCAT4.

Using an optional Genny4 Signal Generator (sold separately) you can use the gC.A.T4+ to estimate the depth of a buried utility for more accurate, safe excavation.

Using the depth estimiation function is simple - just activate the Genny and connect everything up, then press the 'Depth' button which is situated on the top of the gCAT4+. It'll then estimate the depth of the buried cable/pipe and display it directly on the LCD screen at the top of the unit.

Data Acquisition and Logging Included as Standard

Both models feature on-board memory, allowing over a year's worth of data (based on 8 hours per day, 5 days a week) to be stored directly on the instrument.

This data can then be backed up a PC at any time or you can use your CAT Manager Online system to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and upload via the cloud.

A comprehensive range of data can be logged, including:

  • Mode of Use
  • Genny/Power/Radio Signal Strengths
  • Date and Time of Survey
  • StrikeAlert and SWING Warning Statuses
  • Speed Over Ground
  • Location of Survey (Latitude/Longitude)
  • Bargraph Readout
  • Sensitivity Control Setting
  • Depth Measurements Made
  • Battery Status
  • Last/Next Calibration Date
  • Dynamic Overload Protection/Signal Overload Status
  • Angle of Use
  • Number of Satellites Received
  • Audio Status

Radiodetection gCAT4 and gCAT4+ Key Features

  • Professional underground utility locator designed to detect the signal of buried cables/utilites which generate a signal
  • Seamlessly works with the optional Genny4 Signal Generator to detect buried utilities such as pipes which don't generate their own signal
  • Comprehensive data acquisition and logging systems stores detailed information about surveys
  • Bluetooth wireless connection to your smartphone/tablet running the CAT Manager Online app to offer real-time cloud-based survey uploads
  • Backward compatible design - works with older Genny3 accessories
  • Depth Estimation function (gC.A.T4+ only) - calculates estimate depth of a buried utility
  • Sensitivity control knob to pick up on different signals
  • Built-in GPS/GNSS receiver uploads details on survey location to CAT Manager Online
  • Lightweight, impact-resistant ABS casing with protection to IP54 for all-weather operation
  • High contrast display with automatic backlight - includes bargraph tidemark to allow operators to quickly spot and zero-in on a buried conductor
  • High speed USB 2.0 data connection - connect to a PC to configure settings, run eCert calibration and rapidly transfer data to your PC
  • eCert Remote Calibration Validation - activates through the C.A.T Manager PC software, eCert provides fast, thorough and convenient testing of the key locating circuitry within the C.A.T4 and allows Radiodetection to calibrate the unit remotely
  • Dynamic Overload Protection - automatically filters out high levels of electrical interference to stop overloading and to ensure locating accuracy
  • Small cable locating - use the CAT4 and Genny4 to locate small diameter cables such as telecom twisted pairs, CATV feeds, spurs and drop-offs
  • Service Due Indicator - 31-day service countdown warning on startup
  • CalSafe - enabled units can be set to automatically deactivate on expiry of the defined calibration interval to ensure compliance with individual company policies
  • SWING Warning - alerts the user when the CAT4 is being used incorrectly, with data automatically stored in a log
  • Multiple operating modes - Avoidance, Genny, Power and Radio all included
  • Real Sound - the audio signals emitted by the gC.A.T4 are derived from the signals detected, allowing you to easily distinguish between Radio, Power and Genny signals
  • Genny4 Signal boost - increases the output signal by a factor of 10, enabling operators to locate utilities deeper and over greater distances
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