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T&R KV High Voltage Dual Unit AC Test Trolley - Choice of Model

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This system consists of a seperate control unit and a transformer for the generation of high levels of voltage and current when testing HV systems.

Available in a selection of models, the system can generate voltage up to a high threshold of 15kV (depending on model purchased). Users can select the right model for their application, with 0-3kV, 0-5kV, 0-8kV, 0-10kV, 0-12kV and 0-15kV models all available.

Easy to transport with rugged castor wheels, this system is also encased in rugged aluminium for use in demanding applications. The system uses a 5m high voltage cable to connect the HV output directly to the object under test.

For added safety, this system is operated by a key, ensuring it can only be used by authorised personnel. An emergency stop switch and variable electronic trip from 10 to 110% of the rated output are also available for added protection.

T & R High Voltage Dual Unit AC Test Trolley Key Features

  • 20kVA output capability
  • Selection of models with range of up to 15kV
  • Dual unit - control system and transformer
  • Accurate digital metering
  • Key operated supply switch
  • Dual overload protection
  • Variable electronic trip from 10 to 110% of rated output
  • Voltage and current metering
  • Optional 5s-5min test timer
  • External 24V interlock and zero-volt interlock
  • Emergency stop switch

What's Included?

  • T & R HV Trolley Set (Choice of Model
  • 5m Earth Lead Terminated in Croc Clip
  • 5m Earth Lead for Connection to Local Earth (M10 Ring Crimp)
  • ES30 Earth Stick
  • Spare Fuse Set
  • Operating Manual
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T & R HV Trolley Technical Specifications

Unit Output Voltage Continuous Rating 5 Min On/15 Minutes Off
KV3-7000/2 0-3kV 3.5A 7.0A
KV5-4000/2 0-5kV 2.0A 4.0A
KV8-2500/2 0-8kV 1.25A 2.5A
KV10-2000/2 0-10kV 1.0A 2.0A
KV12-1600/2 0-12kV 0.8A 1.6A
KV15-1200/2 0-15kV 0.6A 1.2A
Unit kV Meter Full Scale kV Meter Resolution kV Meter Accuracy
KV3-7000/2 3.000kV 1V 0.8% ± 6d
KV5-4000/2 5.000kV 1V 0.8% ± 6d
KV8-2500/2 8.000kV 1V 0.8% ± 6d
KV10-2000/2 10.00kV 0.01kV 0.8% ± 6d
KV12-1600/2 12.00kV 0.01kV 0.8% ± 6d
KV15-1200/2 15.00kV 0.01kV 0.8% ± 6d
Unit mA Meter Full Scale mA Meter Resolution mA Meter Accuracy
KV3-7000/2 7.000A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV5-4000/2 4.000A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV8-2500/2 2.500A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV10-2000/2 2.000A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV12-1600/2 1.600A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
KV15-1200/2 1.200A 1mA 0.8% ± 6d
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