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Testo 410i Bluetooth Vane Anemometer Smart Probe / Data Logger

Testo 410i Bluetooth Vane Anemometer Smart Probe / Data Logger
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  • Vane anemometer measures air flow, volume and temperature
  • Compact design with small-size vane
  • Bluetooth enabled - wirelessly logs data to smartphones and tablets

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Testo 410i Bluetooth Vane Anemometer Smart Probe / Data Logger Details

It's compact, lightweight and does all the measurements you need - introducing the Testo 410i Smart Vane Anemometer, a uniquely-designed airflow, volume and temperature measurement tool and data logger which can wirelessly interface with your smartphone or tablet!

While other anemometers will simply measure values, the Testo 410i's Bluetooth connectivity with both iOS and Android smartphones/tablets opens up new possibilities. You can view measurements in real-time, track them on a graph and can even interface with up to five other Testo Smart Probe units at the same time for more comprehensive measurements. When you're done measuring, at the touch of a button you can also use the app to create professional PDF reports and Excel documents, complete with all of your measurement data, your company logo and other options.

This anemometer can measure airflow from 0.4 to 30m/s and temperature levels from -20 to 60°C. Due to its small size, the anemometer is suited for use in smaller ducts and other tight spots.

Testo 410i also runs on standard AAA batteries with an average battery life of 200 hours.

About the Testo Smart Probe App

Compatible with all probes in the Testo Smart Probe series, this app is available as a free download for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Here's what you can do with Testo's app:

  • Wirelessly connect to up to six Testo Smart Probes at the same time - ideal for comparison work (works with different types of testers)
  • Regularly updated measurement data, all on your device's screen
  • Facilitates the Testo Smart Probes' data logging capabilities 
  • Display measurement data in graphs or tabular form
  • At the touch of a button, convert your measurement data into professional PDF reports and Excel documents
  • Add visual images to reports using your device's camera
  • Application-specific menus depending on the connected instruments
  • Import function - enter customer details automatically
  • Email directly from the app
  • Add your own company logo to your documents

Testo 410i Bluetooth Vane Anemometer Smart Probe Key Features

  • Compact, professional anemometer for HVAC technicians
  • Measure airflow, volume and temperature
  • Wirelessly interfaces with Testo Smart Probe app on iOS/Android devices
  • Functions as a data logger
  • Easy parameterisation of the outlet for volume flow measurements (dimensions and geometry)
  • View information as a graph, export to PDF and much more with the Testo app
  • Work alongside five other Testo Smart Probes, with all measurements ported to the app at the same time

What's Included?

  • Testo 410i Bluetooth Vane Anemometer Smart Probe/ Data Logger
  • Batteries
  • Calibration Protocol Document
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Technical Specs

Part Code: 05601410

Testo 410i Technical Specifications

Measuring Range (Air) 0.4 to 30m/s
Accuracy ± 1 Digit ±(0.2m/s + 2% of m.v.) - 0.4 to 20m/s
Resolution 0.1m/s
Measuring Range (Temperature) -20 to 60°C
Accuracy ±1 Digit ±0.5°C
Resolution 0.1°C
General Specs  
Compatibility Requires iOS 8.3 or newer/Android 4.3 or newer
Requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0
Storage Temperature -20 to +60 °C
Operating Temperature -20 to +50 °C
Battery Type 3 x AAA batteries
Battery Life 200 hours
Dimensions 154 x 43 x 21mm
40mm vane diameter
Warranty 2 years

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