Ecology & Outdoor Thermal Monoculars & Binoculars (43 Products)

About Hunting & Outdoor Thermal Cameras

Tracking wildlife can be tricky. There's so many factors that can hide animals such as darkness, foliage and weather conditions so wouldn't it be ideal if there was a tool that could accurately track wildlife despite all these things?

Thankfully, there is! This section contains a selection of thermal imaging cameras that can be used to accurately track the body heat of animals regardless of the conditions you find yourself in. They're ideally suited for use by everyone from hunters to forestry rangers and allow you to track an animal's location across a great distance without disturbing them in their natural habitat.

By using IR (infrared) technology, thermal cameras are able to see the world differently to what our eyes do. Rather than see everything normally, thermal cameras see the world as a collection of heat and - since most animals give off some heat - tracking them is easy. It can even see through natural camouflage and allows you to spot what otherwise might have been missed.

Scout thermal cameras can also be used to see through darkened woodland, making them an ideal companion for ramblers and other nature enthusiasts. They can also be used in security purposes and allow you to track man-sized targets across great distances.

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