Infrared (IR) Windows (8 Products)

About Infrared (IR) Windows

Infrared windows - known more commonly as IR windows - are special installations that allow users to see inside electrical installations without the need to power down systems and remove face plates etc.

An IR window is designed for use with a thermal imaging camera, and when installed into an electrical system the user is able to see through the window accurately using a thermal system to carry out comprehensive thermal analysis of the system the window is installed in to.

So why bother with an infrared window? Well not only does it not require you to waste time taking apart electrical panels and systems, but the window also allows users to carry out thermal surveys while the electrical system is actually running without risk of injury. If powered down there's a significant chance that overheating components - which are easily detected using thermal cameras - could cool down and go undetected. Since the IR window allows the system to remain operational during the actual survey, these overheating components are much more easily detected and repairs can be made before the component causes problems.

Cordex IR windows are particularly popular amongst many electrical/thermal surveillance professionals. These windows are of extremely high quality and come in various different sizes.

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