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Time Electronics DC Multifunction V/I/R Calibrator

Time Electronics DC Multifunction V/I/R Calibrator
sku: 1017
MPN: 1017

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  • Tilt stand can be adjusted to suit you
  • Powered by rechargeable battery or mains plug
  • Five ranges of DC voltage

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Time Electronics DC Multifunction V/I/R Calibrator Details

The Time 1017 Voltage/Current/Resistance Calibrator can be used to calibrate a wide range of transducers, all the way from 4-20 mA and a 0-10 volt transmitter, to ordinary thermocouples and up to Platinum Resistance Thermometers. It can do all of this with the same unit.

This multifunction calibrator performs at an incredibly high standard and it is highly portable, suitable for being used when out in the field or working in a laboratory. Time have constructed it from a top quality durable plastic that makes it compact. Coupled with the carrying handle makes it easy to take from job to job.

This calibrator has up to five ranges of DC voltage that go from 10mV up to 100V, and each of these has a 1 ppm (6 digit) resolution for improved results. The range of the DC voltage is up to 100mA in full scale when it has a resolution of (1 ppm) 100nA. It is also available to have a 0.01ohm step with a resistance that extends from 0.01ohms to 10kohms.

The power supply of an instrument is always a main concern of a manufacturer, and Time have gone the extra effort to ensure that this problem is solved. It can either be powered by a rechargeable battery or it can also get its power from the mains. The battery option does have its benefits, as it allows for good performance by preventing noise or earth loop pickups that may interfere with the results.

The Time 1017 Voltage/Current/Resistance Calibrator combines the best possible resistor technology and the inclusion of special low thermal emf terminals that can help to reduce the amount of errors.


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Part Code: 1017
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