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Time Electronics PT100 Simulator Handheld (Class A Degrees C)

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If you want a temperature simulator that has an incredibly high range, making it more efficient for you, then you should invest your money in the Time 1049 PT100 Simulator. This PT100 simulator has a wide temperature measuring scale that goes from -200 degrees Celsius all the way up to more than 800 degrees Celsius. It also has 23 set points between each of these. An extra feature that has been included by Time Electronics is metal film resistors that ensure that a good temperature coefficient is maintained, along with long-term stability. Platinum resistance elements have also been included to bring you the most accurate temperature measurements possible.

For complete peace of mind about your safety when using this product, it is completely in compliance with the following safety regulations: DIN EN 60751 (ITS 90). This device exceeds the performance of Class A and B products, as it offers an incredibly accuracy when being used with a full operating range of other PT100 products.

In your work, if you know that you are going to be operating within the temperature range of -60 to +60 degrees Celsius, then this device should be of great interest to you, as this temperature simulator operates at its most efficient here.

The output of the PT100 is of purely passive resistance, meaning that it can work completely in conjunction with other brands of PT100 measuring equipment. This even covers interrupted excitation current as well as live systems that are being pulsed.

The best products are ones that can be carried around easily between jobs, and the Time 1049 PT100 Simulator fulfils this criteria. If has dimensions of 112 x 61 x 55 millimetres, so it can be slipped straight into your pocket and it is perfect for being used in the laboratory or in the field. It also comes with its own carrying case for added protection.


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