About Accessories

Imagine you've just got your brand-new tester. You stick in the van, proudly on the seat next to you, when disaster strikes; you've had to slam on the brakes, your tester has fallen off the seat and something inside has been damaged, rendering test results inaccurate.

These things happen all the time, but they can be prevented by making sure you've got the right case or bag for your piece of testing equipment. Many products ship as standard with their protective cases, but those that don't should be able to fit into one of the cases under our cases and bags category. Cases generally come in various types, broken down into soft and hard carry cases commonly. Softer cases will protect from scratches and general damage, while hard cases will bear the brunt of knocks and bumps. We highly recommend getting a case for your equipment, particularly if it was expensive.

We also stock a range of fuse packs, allowing you to easily have the current amperage fuse at hand should an appliance suddenly blow. It seems like such a simple thing that you'll never need, but having a pack of fuses handy at all times makes sure your appliances can be back up and running before you know it, rather than waiting for a pack to come after something blows.