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ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock

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The ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock is constructed from a TITALIUM™ body and stainless steel shackle. This keyed different padlock features extensive security features and is both corrosion- and rust-resistant.

PLEASE NOTE other ABUS 90RK TITALIUM™ Padlocks are available, including master key and keyed alike versions. For further information or for a tailored quotation, please call our sales team with your specific requirements.

TITALIUM™ is an alloy developed by ABUS comprised of aluminium and titanium, this material makes the ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock both lightweight and strong. Adding to its strength is its double-bolted, stainless steel shackle with shackle guard; these features provide the padlock with a high resistance to pulling and torsion, whilst also making it difficult for bolt cutters to damage or open it.

In addition to its physical strength, the ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock is also internally resilient. To this end, it features a precision pin cylinder and paracentric keyway which works to protect the padlock from the effects of manipulation. Furthermore, its key retention helps to reduce the possibility of the user leaving the padlock open, as the ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock will not relinquish the key until it is fully closed. 

As a result of this padlock’s extensive physical and internal security measures, as well as its resistance to adverse weather conditions, it is ideal for higher-level security applications particularly within port and coastal areas. It is suitable for securing:

  • Lorries
  • Containers
  • Cellar doors
  • Objects onto vehicles and boats
  • ABUS chains (not included)

As well as being secure and weather resistant, the ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock is also versatile. It can be easily integrated into existing security systems as its cylinder can be removed and exchanged or re-keyed. 

Therefore the ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock is a secure, versatile, resilient security product.

ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock Key Features

  • Corrosion and rust resistant padlock with a shackle guard
  • TITANIUM™ body
  • Stainless steel shackle
  • Keyed different as standard
  • Other models available, please call for details
  • TITALIUM™ alloy developed by ABUS and consisting of aluminium and titanium
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • High resistance to pulling and torsion
  • Shackle guard makes it difficult for bolt cutters to have an effect on the padlock
  • Precision pin cylinder
  • Paracentric keyway
  • Key-retaining
  • Cylinder can be removed and exchanged or re-keyed

What’s Included?

  • ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock
  • Accompanying Key
Part Code90RK/50

ABUS 90RK/50 TITALIUM™ Padlock Technical Specifications

Body Width (mm) 50
Body Depth (mm) 23
Shackle Height (mm) 22.5
Shackle Width (mm) 20
Shackle Diameter (mm) 9.5
Total Height (Body + Shackle) (mm) 81
CEN Grade* 3
ABUS GPS Rating** 8

* Central European Norm Standard Security Grade: 1-6 grading, as grade increases so does the level of security

** ABUS Global Protection System Rating: ABUS internal security scale, 1-10 scale as the number increases so does the level of security

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