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About AC & DC Power Supplies

A power supply, as the name might suggest, is primarily used to distribute electrical power straight into electrical loads, giving them the energy they need to operate.

DC (Direct Current) power supplies are typically used in low-voltage installations to generate power for components. At their most basic level, power supplies are present in a wide variety of electrical household appliances such as desktop computers, washing machines, televisions, and more, as each of these components runs on a constant DC voltage that is converted from the alternating current supplied by the national grid.

A power supply can also be used to convert energy obtained from other sources into usable electrical power. They can generally obtain energy from batteries, fuel cells, generators, and alternators and can also be powered exclusively by solar power by using installations such as solar panels on the roof of buildings.

Whatever you need it for, Tester supplies a wide and ever-expanding range of DC Power Supplies perfect for use in a wide variety of different situations. The devices in our store generally come with incredibly useful features including adjustable parameters (meaning they can be used in different installations with some tweaking), and different ranges of capability.

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