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About pH Meters & Water Quality Testers

Perfect for use both in educational, industrial, and scientific environments, a pH/water quality tester is the ideal solution for accurately measuring the pH of substances or ensuring that water is safe for consumption.

Of course, pH testers aren't just for use in substances - many devices are also used to test the pH of food, or for evaluating the levels of acid/alkali inside semi-solid or solid materials. Soil pH meters are also commonly used in food production to ensure that soils are at the right levels for increasing maximum yield when growing crops, plants, or vegetation.

If you're regularly testing for different PHs, having an accurate, easy-to-read tester ensures that you can always maintain accurate readings of potentially dangerous substances. A PH tester is also ideal for use in schools, providing a more accurate alternative to using litmus paper in the science lab.

Most common pH meters work by the use of an electrode. When inserted into the target substance this electrode will create a current through that substance; the pH meter will then read this current, and display the overall acidity/alkalinity of the substance on the tester's screen. Proper maintenance of a pH electrode is essential in between testing procedures - they should be cleaned carefully, and kept stored in a regularly changed solution of a specific pH to maintain the efficiency of the pH electrode. Without proper care, the electrode will deteriorate much faster and will have to be replaced much more regularly.

It's also quite common for pH meters to be able to evaluate the overall temperature of the object/solution being tested at the same time as pH readings are being calculated. This is particularly useful when testing foodstuffs such as meat; these meat pH meters and other food meters can be used to accurately determine the pH of stored/cooked food, and are ideal for use everywhere from restaurants to supermarket refrigeration storage areas.

Got a swimming pool or a hot tub at home? pH meters are great tools for evaluating the delicate chemical balance used in these devices, and allow users to easily maintain and adjust the chemical balance as and when needed.

Generally, PH meters range in size, shape, and ability. For those on a budget, pen-sized PH meters are available, while we also stock a range of higher-priced PH meters which are more suited for technical environments such as laboratories. More expensive devices generally come with additional features such as temperature compensators; readings can be affected by temperature.

Water quality testers check to see if water is safe for consumption or human touch. These are essential for those who work regularly with both water and chemicals, allowing you, for example, to check that the correct levels of chlorine are present in water before it is sent out for use in homes and other areas.

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