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Martindale FD550 Elite Fuse Finder

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Don't want to waste time turning circuit breakers on and off or taking out fuses to find which one powers a particular circuit? With Martindale's FD550 kit, you don't have to!

Supplied with both a transmitter and a receiver, the FD550 kit identifies which fuse/circuit breaker is assigned to a particular circuit with ease. To use, simply plug the transmitter into a standard live 13A mains socket. Once done, use the digital receiver to scan the board to quickly identify the right breaker (the receiver uses a combination of an audible tone and an LED bargraph indicator to let you know when the strongest signal is detected).

The receiver has two modes: manual and automatic. In both modes, sweep the receiver at a right angle across the board, passing over each breaker. In manual mode, you should find the strongest signal, then press the 'SET' button; doing so causes the receiver to filter out weaker signals, allowing you to confirm the right breaker. In automatic mode, weaker signals are autoamtically ignored (ideal for when signals are confusing due to coupling between circuits).

Once you've found the right breaker, switch it off. You can confirm it's the right one by checking on your transmitter - it will have stopped working if you've found the right breaker or fuse!

Martindale FD550 Elite Fuse Finder Key Features

  • Comprehensive kit for identifying which fuse/breaker is associated with a particular circuit
  • Plug the included transmitter into a live 13A socket before sweeping receiver across the board to find the right circuit
  • LED bargraph and audible signal strength indicator
  • Fast manual mode + automatic mode
  • Receiver can also be used as a non-contact voltage indicator

What's Included?

  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Batteries
  • Instruction Manual
Part CodeMARFD550

Martindale FD550 Technical Specifications

Tracing Depth for Fuse Assignment Approx 0 to 10cm, depending on local conditions
Sensitivity Setting Via on/off potentiometer
Temperature Range -10 to 40°C at max 60% RH
Dimensions 202 x 32 x 22mm
Weight 150g (excluding battery)
Protection Class IP20
Power Supply 9V battery, MN1604/PP3, IEC 6LA61 (alklaine only) - included
Voltage Indicator  
Voltage Range 40 to 600V
Sensitivity Indication distance from a flat PVC 1mm² twin and earth cable suspended in free space. 3mm at 110V AC 50Hz. 23mm at 240V AC 50Hz
Frequency Range 50Hz to 50kHz
Indication Red LED and audible tone (2kHz) in the presence of an AC voltage. Green LED indicates internal battery condition
Operating Temperature -5 to 40°C
Voltage Rating 230V
Frequency Range 30-70Hz
Switching Frequency Approx 5Hz
Transmission Pulse Width Approx 1.7μs
Transmission Pulse Amplitude 20A max
Temperature Range -10 to 40°C at max 60% RH
Dimensions Approx 65 x 65 x 46mm
Weight 65g
Earth Leakage Nil
Power Supply From mains
Power Consumption Approx 1W
Overvoltage Category CAT III 300V
Pollution Degree 2
Protection Class IP20

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