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Metrohm LLI-3000DC High Voltage Live Line Indicator - 3000V DC

Metrohm LLI-3000DC High Voltage Live Line Indicator - 3000V DC
sku: LLI-3000DC

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  • Detect the presence of voltage on HV systems
  • For use on DC systems up to 3000V
  • Long length handles for easy access to HV lines

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Metrohm LLI-3000DC High Voltage Live Line Indicator - 3000V DC Details

This live line indicator is made for use on high voltage overhead lines and third rail systems up to 3000V DC.

When hooked onto a line and correctly earthed the LLI-3000DC is used to evaluate the voltage status of the line it is attached to. It does this by evaluating if voltage is passing through the system and if it does detect voltage the LLI-3000DC used bright red LED indicators and a 70dB audible tone to instantly alert the person using the live line tester of the presence of live voltages.

The length of the rods are designed to allow the user to easily reach an overhead line without getting too close. The rods are also compatible with various different adaptors - including the supplied star adaptor - to allow testing on different line types.

The Metrohm LLI range is also available in 750V and 3000V DC models. All models are only suitable for use on DC systems.

Metrohm LLI-3000DC High Voltage Live Line Indicator Key Features

  • Can be used on DC high voltage overhead lines up to 3000DC
  • Earth lead and clamp attached to long-length handle
  • Red LED indicators when voltage is detected
  • Loud 70dB alarm when voltage is detected
  • Can also be used on third rail installations
  • Battery check function

Full List of Products Included

  • DC Live Line Indicator with Earth Lead & Clamp
  • Bowthorpe Rod Adaptor (inside case moulding)
  • Universal Star-Wheel Adaptor
  • Hook, Y and Straight Electrodes
  • Polymer Cleaning Kit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying Satchel
Accessories (1)

Metrohm CMH0298 Y Contact
£30.00 Incl. VAT £36.00
Technical Specs

Part Code: LLI-3000DC

Metrohm LLI-1500DC Technical Specifications

Voltage Ranges 3000V DC (this model), 750V DC and 1500V DC (other models)
Std Thresholds 1000V DC (this model), 250V and 500V DC (other models)
(can be adjusted for particular requirements)
Resistor Chain 1.5MΩ, 3MΩ, 6MΩ
Operating Time 5 mins Nominal
Visual Indication LED
Status - Alarm Red Flash @ 2Hz
Status - Safe Green Flash @ 2Hz
Audible Indication Buzzer, 3.1kHz Tone Modulated @ 2Hz
70dBA @ 1.5m
Measuring Current 0.50mA Nominal @ Rated Voltage
Response Time 1 Second Maximum
Battery Life 250 Operations Minimum

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