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About High Voltage Indicators & Detectors

The best warning for an electrician of a hot power line is a high-voltage indicator. Other devices relying on secondary power sources or subject to protective measures such as fuses can give false positive readings because they are not working as a direct result of the electricity in the lines. A high-voltage indicator is very simple and very effective.

Most high-voltage indicators are simple circuits. They consist of a connector attached to a bus bar in the supply cabinet, and a light-emitting diode inside of a small housing with a window to view the light. The LED may or may not flash, but its illumination lets an electrician know the line is powered and must be shut off before work.

A voltage detector is a device that determines the presence or absence of an electrical charge in an object. It can be a simple, pen-shaped piece of testing hardware that indicates the existence of electricity or an advanced tool that detects precise voltage levels in electrical systems.

A voltage detector measures the flux lines of the electric field formed between the earth's potential and a live component of the system.

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