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Seaward Apollo 500 PAT Tester - Pro Kit (With Software)

Seaward Apollo 500 PAT Tester - Pro Kit (With Software)
sku: 380A966-KIT

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  • Bundle pack with barcode scanner, printer and software
  • Advanced downloadable PAT tester
  • Reduced cost

£1,422.00 Incl. VAT £1,706.40
£1,422.00 Incl. VAT £1,706.40
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Seaward Apollo 500 PAT Tester - Pro Kit (With Software) Details

This special bundle version of the Seaward Apollo 500 comes with software, a barcode scanner, printer and more.

Seaward's downloadable Apollo 500 bridges the gap between PAT testing and risk assessments with a built-in selection of PAT testing procedures and dedicated electrical risk asessment tool included as standard.

Seaward Apollo 500 PAT Tester Key Features

  • Advanced Plug and Play technology - designed to speed up testing, the Apollo 500 has a massive suite of testing procedures that are accessible quickly without navigating through countless menus
  • Built-in risk assessment tool - By entering information about the environment testing takes place in the Apollo 500 can calculate a recommended retest date based upon the type of equipment used and the risk level of the environment
  • Point to point testing on fixed appliances
  • Massive memory - the Apollo 500 includes space for up to 10000 pieces of data that is fully downloadable via either USB connection or can be sent wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard - enter information about testing yourself and tweak existing records using the on-tester responsive keyboard and function buttons
  • Every test you need for full PAT testing compliance - this PAT testing device can measure earth continuity, insulation resistance, IEC leads, protective conductor current/load, touch current, load power/current, alternative leakage current, RCD testing and power socket tests
  • Remote data transfer
  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable to hold in the hands

Full List of Products Included

  • Seaward Apollo 500 PAT Tester
  • Apollo Calibration Checkbox
  • 2 x Test Leads with Probes/Croc Clips
  • 0.5m IEC Lead
  • Mains Power Lead
  • USB Download Cable
  • 30 Day Free Trial of PATGuard 3 Software
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carry Case
  • Manufacturer's UKAS Calibration Certificate
  • 2 Year Warranty (requires product registration)

Also comes with the following:

  • Test n Tag Pro Printer
  • 4 x Test n Tag Labels
  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • Carrying Case
  • 1 Year License for PATGuard Elite 3 Software
Technical Specs

Part Code: 380A966

Seaward Apollo 500 Technical Specifications

Earth Continuity  
Test Current +/- 200mA DC
Display Range 0.01 – 19.99Ω
Pass Value User Defined
Insulation Resistance  
Test Voltage 500V / 250V DC @ 1mA nominal
Display Range 0.01MΩ - 19.99MΩ
Pass Value User Defined
IEC Lead Test  
Test Voltage 5V ac nominal
Test Live / Neutral Checks for o/c, s/c and crossed
Protective Conductor Current/Load  
Test Voltage Supply voltage, maximum load current 16A
Display Ranges 0.01mA to 19.99mA
Pass Value User Defined
Touch Current  
Test Voltage Supply Voltage, maximum load current 16A
Display Range 0.00 – 3.50mA
Pass Value User Defined
Load Power/Current  
Test Voltage Supply Voltage, maximum load current 16A
Test Duration Programmable up to a maximum of 255s
depending on load. i.e. max duration is reduced
for high loads
Display Range 0.00kVA – 4.00kVA
0.00A – 16.00A
Alternative Leakage Current  
Test Voltages >25Vac <50Vac
Display Range 0.00mA to 19.99mA
Pass Value User Defined
RCD Test  
Test Voltage 230V +10%, -15%
Test Current 30mA / 150mA rms sinusoidal
Display Range 0ms - 2000ms (30mA), 0-40ms (150mA)
Test Method Internal isolation to avoid tripping distribution
board RCD
Power Socket Test
Voltage Range 207V – 253V AC
Indicates configuration of voltage potential:-
Line potential phase to earth
Line potential phase to neutral
Line potential neutral to earth
Memory Size 10000 Records
Weight 1.5kg
Dimensions 230mm x 150mm x 100mm
Power Source Mains or Rechargeable Battery Pack

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