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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) is an important set of electrical testing procedurers that most workplaces, commercial environments and other areas should regularly undergo to ensure that all appliances within that area are safe for humans to use without harm.

PAT Testing is not a legal requirement, but it is widely accepted as a method of meeting with the various rules and regulations of regulatory bodies. It is also a common misconception that PAT testing must be carried out by a qualified electrician - this is not the case, and it is perfectly possible for PAT testing to be carried out by someone who has had basic training in the field.

That said, many PAT testing scenarios may require the use of specialist PAT testers who know more about the procedures. To cater for both of these fields there are both simple to use PAT testers available that are perfect for entry level users and there's also a large amount of advanced PAT testing equipment available as well that's perfect for the expert user.

PAT testers are generally built for use on various types of appliance. Depending on the make and model of the tester the overall testing capability of that product will be slightly different, and most higher end models offer the largest testing scope whereas lower budget models generally only do the bare minimum of testing.

Portable appliance testers also come in two different forms: PASS/FAIL and full reading. PASS/FAIL testers are suitable for use by novice users as they simply state that a test has passed or failed a test, whereas full reading PAT testers are suitable for use by those who want to know the exact measurement generated during a portable appliance testing procedure.

It's also important to understand the difference between manual and downloadable PAT testers. Manual testers are designed to merely display an image for a user to hot down, whereas downloadable testers can store data in a wide variety of formats and download these results to PC.

At we supply PAT testing equipment from the world's premier manufacturers. We have Seaward PAT Testers, Metrel testers, Fluke products and many others available in our PAT testing section, and we also stock individual PAT testers, PAT testing kits, software and accessories such as labels or log books.

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