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Seaward PrimeTest 100 PAT Tester - PATBag Kit

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Starting out with your PAT testing business or looking for a basic tester for simple measurements? Seaward's PrimeTest 100 PATBag kit is great value and includes everything you'll need for PAT testing.

If you're brand new to the industry, the kit even includes a PAT Online Training Course Card. 

What's In The Kit?

  • Seaward PrimeTest 100 PAT Tester
  • PATBag Carrying Case
  • PAT Online Training Course Card
  • Seaward Guide to Portable Appliance Testing
  • PAT Register and Test Record
  • 500 x Passed Labels
  • 500 x Failed Labels
  • 110V Adaptor
  • Seaward Business Builder CD - advice on starting your own PAT business

About the Seaward PrimeTest 100

No complex menus and difficult to use systems - with the PrimeTest 100, PAT testing's made simple.

The upgraded version of the Seaward PrimeTest 50, the 100 shows both PASS/FAIL indication when testing and also shows full testing results (the PT50 only shows PASS/FAIL).

The PT100 has just three buttons, with each specifically configured to a specific test. When testing, just connect up the appliance, press the button and the PrimeTest 100 will do the rest. It can test earth continuity, insulation, IEC leads, equivalent leakage and can also test power sockets.

The PrimeTest 100 is made for testing in tricky conditions thanks to its portable, slimline design. It's ideal for getting in below desks in offices to test IT equipment and other appliances, and is powered entirely by batteries so you won't have to be near a mains socket when testing.

Key Features

  • Shows PASS/FAIL indication and full testing results
  • Simple operation - three buttons, assigned to class I and class II appliances and cords
  • Suitable for testing IT equipment
  • Battery powered for portability
  • Suitable for testing IEC leads and power sockets
  • Measures just 26 x 10cm and weighs just 1kg - one of the smallest testers available!
  • Tests earth continuity, insulation at 500V DC and equivalent leakage
Part Code345A925

Seaward PrimeTest 100 Technical Specifications

Earth Continuity  
Test Current ±200mA DC
Display Range 0.00 to 19.99Ω
Pass Value 0.2Ω
Insulation Range  
Test Voltages 500V DC
Display Range 0.2 to 19.99MΩ
Pass Value 2MΩ
IEC Lead Test  
Tests Performed Earth Continuity
Insulation Resistance
Live, Neutral Continuity and Polarity
Equivalent Leakage Class I  
Test Voltage 40V, 50Hz AC Nominal
Display Range 0.10mA to 19.99mA
Pass Value 0.75mA
 Equivalent Leakage Class II
Test Voltage 40V, 50Hz AC Nominal
Display Range 0.10mA to 19.99mA
Pass Value 0.25mA
Power Socket Test  
Input Voltage Range 230V + 10% - 15% AC
Indicators Phase to Earth Voltage
Phase to Neutral Voltage
Neutral Earth
Additional Information  
Weight and Dimensions  800g/26cm (I) x 10cm (w) x 5.5cm (d) 
Power Source 6 x AA batteries
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