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Silvertronic 135027/28 Combined Colour 3 Phase Meter

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Note: both an anticlockwise and a clockwise version of this product are available. Select which you'd like using the dropdown box above.

Uniquely designed, the Silvertronic 135027 and 135028 combine together both old and newer phase colours, making this product ideally suited for transitional work where both colours may be encountered.

The unit quickly and easily detects phase direction, showing the results on its built-in unit. It also has integrated, double-insulated, colour-coded test leads which are compliant with GS38.

Supplied as standard with carrying case.

Part Code135028

Silvertronic 135027/28 Technical Specifications

Rating IEC 61010
Measurement Category CAT III 1000V
Insulation Category Double reinforced
Pollution Degree 2
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