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About Phase Rotation Testers

Industrial phase rotation meters are a vital instrument for any engineer working with three-phase power. Three-phase power is a convenient and cost effective way to move large currents vast distances. This is primarily because three-phase uses alternating current (AC) that is the same frequency but are slightly out of synch so that they reach their instantaneous peak at different times. Three-phase is used by electricity companies to send their power across the country and although three-phase power is rarely found in domestic properties it is often found in many industrial settings.

The main advantages of using three-phase power are:

  • Because all of the phases are carrying the same current there is no need for a neutral line this is also called a linear balanced load
  • Three-phase power requires far less conductive material to send the same amount of current as compared to two-phase delivery systems.
  • By using the staggered nature of each phase it is relatively simple to produce rotating magnetic fields, this enables the production of electronic motors and due to the linear balanced load the power is constant so the motor will run more efficiently with far less vibration.

A phase rotation meter monitors how the three phases are rotating in relation with each other. This is particularly useful with motors as it will dictate the direction the motor will operate, the incorrect rotation could be disastrous especially in the process industry where a single connection could be linked to a wide range of different sensitive motors. The chief way to prevent this is by using the correct phase rotation meter. Each meter can come with a range of compatible probes and clips it can be vital to ensure that the correct adapter is available for the job at hand.

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