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Socket & See SOK34 Easy Socket and Earth Loop Tester

Socket & See SOK34 Easy Socket and Earth Loop Tester
sku: SOK 34

  • Tests socket wiring configuration and performs full earth loop tests
  • LED and audible tone indication system
  • Detects 13 different wiring faults

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Socket & See SOK34 Easy Socket and Earth Loop Tester Details

An essential for any electrician - Socket and See's SOK34 both tests a socket's internal wiring to find faults, and also performs full loop tests!

The SOK34 is extremely easy to use - just plug it into the socket you want to test and if there's an issue with the internal wiring, the SOK34 will let you know about it by using a combination of LED and audible tone indicators. Unlike many other similar socket testers available on the market, the SOK34 also has the added benefit of telling you exactly which element of the wire is causing a problem (earth, neutral or live), complete with easy-to-follow guide on the front of the tester.

This socket tester also performs a full true check of earth loop impedance; it uses a combination of three coloured LED indicators to tell you if the loop test is good (green), needs checking (yellow) or needs an urgent check (red).

Socket and See SOK34 Easy Socket and Earth Loop Tester Key Features

  • Dual capabilities - tests socket wiring and also performs earth loop tests
  • LED indicator lights clearly show whether the fault is on the earth, neutral or live wire
  • Audible tone - clearly shows whether there's a problem or if the socket is working correctly (continuous tone for good, warbling tone for faulty)
  • Traffic light LED indicators for testing loop - green for 'good', yellow for 'check' and red for 'urgent check'
  • Compact, portable design - ideal for any toolkit!
  • Designed not to trip RCDs
  • Advanced electronics, including a quad comparator, ensure clear indication even on noisy circuits
  • Detects good sockets plus 13 different wiring conditions
  • Built-in self check to ensure accuracy is maintained
Technical Specs

Part Code: SOC/SOK34
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