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Socket & See SOK22 Craftsman Socket Tester

SOK 22
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Find problems with mains wiring with ease by using Socket and See's SOK22 socket tester!

Extremely easy to use, just plug the SOK22 into the socket you want to test and if one of the lights on the front don't light up with a green colour, there's a problem with the socket. The SOK22 can detect 14 different wiring conditions; the way the LED lights illuminate or don't illuminate will alert you to what the fault exactly is.

This portable socket tester also uses an audible tone to alert you to the current status of the socket you're testing. If the tone is continuous, the wiring is fine; if the tone is warbling, a fault has been detected within the socket.

The SOK22 also has the benefit of not tripping RCDs.

Socket & See SOK22 Craftsman Socket Tester Key Features

  • Easy way to check problems with sockets - simply plug directly into a socket and the tester will do the rest
  • If one of the lights doesn't light up with a green colour, there's a problem with the socket
  • Detects good socket configuration plus 13 different wiring fault conditions
  • Audible tone indication - continuous tone when socket is ok, warbling tone if there's a fault
  • Designed to give consistent results, even on noisy circuits
  • Won't trip RCDs
  • Fuse finding facility
  • Bright, durable LED indicators for long life, reliable use

Detects the Following:

  • Correct installation
  • L-E reverse
  • L-N-E miswire
  • L-N reverse
  • L-N-E reverse
  • Faulty N/ L-E Miswire
  • Faulty N / E Miswire
  • Faulty N
  • Faulty N/ L-E reverse
  • Faulty E/ L-N reverse
  • Faulty E
  • Faulty E / N miswire
  • Faulty E / L-N miswire
  • No mains
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