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About Cases & Bags

Cases and bags are a vital part of your test equipment kit.

It is almost impossible to avoid damage to your test equipment and accessories without a protective case to keep everything secure. Damage can occur at any time on jobs: whilst climbing into awkward places; balancing on things; or in hazardous environments.

However, a case/bag both protects your equipment whilst you’re working and prevents damage whilst travelling between jobs. It would be all too easy for sensitive equipment to fall or break during travel if it has not been secured in a protective case.

What you choose will depend partly on your equipment, the environment you work in, and the features you require. For instance, you may need a bag that enables you to work hands-free; a shoulder strap bag is perfect for this. Alternatively, if you’re working in harsh environments, you may want to invest in something tough and strong like a hard carrying case.

Whatever protection your tools need, you can be sure to find it here.  


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