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Applent AT516L DC Resistance Meter

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The Applent AT516L is a high performance DC resistance (microohm) meter suitable for use with high, middle and low resistors, switch contact resistance, windings and much more.

A bench-based instrument, the AT516L is capable of performing full automatic real-time testing with measurement range of 1μΩ to 20MΩ and 0.05% accuracy. It has a 5 digit display with readings up to 30000 and maximum sampling rate of 7ms.

This DC resistance meter also has internal temperature compensation to ensure measurement accuracy, a total of 14 bins of comparator output and a standard RS-232 interface compatible with SCPI for connection to PC, PLC or WINCE (ideal for remote control and data acquisition).

Applent AT516L DC Resistance Meter Key Features

  • High brightness, ultra-clear four colour VFD display
  • Double display shows Δabs/Δ/sorting results
  • Zero setting function - available for all ranges
  • Comparator function - stores up to 30 individual group comparators
  • HI/IN/LOW/GD/NG sorting results display and output
  • Self-calibration - temperature compensation and thermoelectromotive force compensation
  • Heavy current test mode (open voltage <20mV)
  • Four terminal resistance test
  • Built-in RS232C and Handler (EXT-I/O) interfaces
  • Adjustable beeper and display
  • Internal, manual, external and remote triggers
  • SCPI compatible command sets
  • Keypad lock function
  • Data hold function
Part CodeAT516L

Applent AT516L Technical Specifications

Accuracy is calculated from the reading error (±% rdg.) determined by the measurement value and range, and the digit error (± dgt.).

Calculation Example:

Measurement value: 1Ω, Measurement range: 3Ω
Specified accuracy (from table below): ±0.5% rdg., ±5 dgt

(A) Reading error (±% rdg.): 1 [Ω] × 0.5% = ±0.005 [Ω]
(B) Digit error (± dgt.): ±5 dgt. = ±0.0005 [Ω] (at 0.0001 Ω resolution)
(C) Total error (A + B): ±0.0055 [Ω]

Applying total error (C) to the measurement value of 1 Ω gives an error limit of 0.9945 to 1.0055Ω.

RangeMaximum ReadingResolutionUltra, FastMediumSlowTest CurrentOpen Voltage
0 30mΩ 30.000mΩ 1μΩ 0.2%±5 0.2%±5 0.1%±3 670mA <1V
1 300mΩ 300.00mΩ 10μΩ 0.2%±3 0.2%±3 0.1%±2 670mA <1V
2 3.0000Ω 100μΩ 0.2%±3 0.2%±3 0.1%±2 67mA <1V
3 30Ω 30.000Ω 1mΩ 0.2%±3 0.2%±3 0.1%±2 6.7mA <1V
4 300Ω 300.00Ω 10mΩ 0.2%±3 0.2%±3 0.1%±2 670μA <5V
5 3kΩ 3.000kΩ 100mΩ 0.2%±3 0.2%±3 0.1%±2 670uA <5V
6 30kΩ 30.000kΩ 0.2%±3 0.2%±3 0.1%±2 67uA <5V
Other Specifications
Display True colour TFT-LCD
Size: 3.5"
Measurement Range 0.001mΩ to 20.100MΩ
Measurement Speeds Under range Hold mode:
Ultra (Display Off): 140 readings/second (7ms)
Ultra: 67 readings/second (15ms)
Fast: 35 readings/second (83ms)
Medium: 12 readings/second (83ms)
Slow: 2 readings/second (500ms)
Ranging Auto, Hold and Nominal range
Correction Function Short-circuit clear zero
Comparator Total 13 bins, 10 bins GD, 3 bins HI/IN/LO
Beep Feature OFF/GD/NG
Trigger Mode Internal, manual, external and bus trigger
Built-in Interface Handler interface, RS232 interface, temperature compensation interface
Programming Language SCPI
Environmental Specifications
Temperature and Humidity Range 15 to 35°C, 80% RH or less
Storage Temperature and Humidity Range 10 to 40°C, 10-90% RH
Power Supply AC 110/220V, 48.5Hz to 62.5Hz
Fuse 1A slow-blow
Maximum Rated Power 20VA
Weight 3.5kg, net
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