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Applent AT682 Insulation Resistance Meter

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Designed for measuring high levels of resistance and leakage current, the Applent AT682 is suitable for testing capacitors, relays, switches, connectors, materials, cables, PC boards and other materials, electronic components and electro-mechanical components.

The AT682 can be programmed to apply a voltage ranging from 1 to 1000V to the device under test, giving it effective resistance measurement range from as low as 10kΩ to as high as 1TΩ. When testing the unit will display both the testing result as a digital reading and will also show a PASS/FAIL indicator that's based on preset limits.

Both auto and manual ranging, the speed of testing can also be adjusted and a built-in comparison mode allows easy result comparisons to take place. The unit is also equipped with a high quality VFD display and has RS232C and handler interfaces.

Applent AT682 Insulation Resistance Meter Key Features

  • Adjustable voltage from 1V to 1000V DC
  • Insulation resistance measurement range of 10kΩ to 1TΩ
  • Automatic and manual ranging
  • Adjustable speed
  • Zero adjustment mode
  • Display can show results, current, resistance, peak value and sorting results
  • 30 set record comparison function
  • RS232C and handler interfaces

What's Included?

  • Applent AT682 Insulation Resistance Meter
  • ATL507 Test Clip
  • ATL108 RS232 Interface Cable
Part CodeAT682

Applent AT682 Technical Specifications

Parameters Leakage current and insulation resistance
Output Voltage 1V to 1000V DC
Accuracy <10G: 3%
>10G: 5%
>100G: 10%
Measurement Range 10kΩ to 1TΩ
Display Max 9999
Range Automatic and manual
Speed 55 times/second, 15 times/second, 3 times/second
Adjustment Open circuit adjust for each range
Result display Current, resistance, peak value and sorting results
Charging Timer 999.9
Comparator 30 sets record, GD/NG beep: GD, NG, OFF settings
Interface RS232C and handler
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