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About AC & DC Clamp Meters

Clamp meters are a must-have for quick, easy, and accurate measurements of the current passing through an electrical system.

Designed to clamp around a conductor, clamp meters provide the means of measuring AC or DC without making breaks in the insulation, saving time, money, and effort when testing.

Depending on the manufacturer and the model in question, the clamp meter's size, shape, and capabilities will vary. Clamps range from extremely small in size (designed for smaller conductors) to large, square-shaped instruments that fit simultaneously around several conductors or more prominent conductors.

Most clamps also function as a basic digital multimeter, including the ability to calculate additional electrical measurements such as voltage, frequency, or temperature.

At, we stock a vast range of AC, DC, and combined AC/DC, clamp meters from leading electrical test equipment manufacturers such as Amprobe, Chauvin Arnoux, Extech, Hioki, Fluke, and many others.

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