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FLIR T1020 (T1K) HD Thermal Camera

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FLIR T1K HD Thermal Camera
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FLIR T1020 HD Thermal Camera with Viewfinder

If you would like to watch an in-depth video about the T-Series range about the benefits, features and differences between them, including the T1020, please see the video section.

Unparalleled quality - the FLIR T1020 produces HD-quality thermal images, packing more detail than ever before into every image taken. Ultra sensitive to capture even the finest temperature differences, the FLIR T1020 has an exceptional thermal sensitivity of <0.02°C at +30°C, 2x better than the industry standard. A high resolution, 1024 x 768 pixel detector produces the highest resolution on any FLIR thermal camera and a special Ultra-Max super-resolution mode quadruples the pixel count to a max of 3.1MP, making it easier than ever before to pinpoint fine details and gain amazing levels of accuracy. Monitor electrical and mechanical systems with a variety of temperature conditions thanks to measurement ranges up to 2000°C!

FLIR Vision Processing™

Record the smoothest, most detailed images through the combination of MSX®, UltraMax®, and adaptive filtering algorithms. FLIR MSX, a unique feature exclusive to FLIR enhances and embosses the detail of digital images on a thermal image, enhancing image quality significantly and making it easier to determine individual objects such as being able to distinguish rating plates, location description labels on switchboards, or cables. (Can be turned on or off) UltraMax® multiplies the resolution of the image by taking multiple images at the same time and interpolating the data to create a super high-quality image.

Built from the ground up for exceptional image performance - it includes FLIR's OSX Precision HDIR optical system to take accurate measurements from 2x as far away as other cameras, an advanced OSX optical system for use in extreme conditions and a unique optical path function eliminates errors caused from heat sources outside the FOV.


FLIR takes their technology even further on this camera with the addition of 30Hz radiometric video recording, meaning each pixel of the video has temperature data tagged to it, giving you intangible data that could be the difference between finding vital faults or not.

As Responsive as Your Smartphone

Launch on-screen tools quickly, navigate the camera's extensive range of features more intuitively, and set up work folders easily. This HD Thermal camera includes fully programmable buttons for easy access to commonly-used functions, dynamic focus control for adjustments to images, radiometric video recording at full resolution and one-click Rapid Report generation to share images and findings faster than ever before. Adjust images and improve measurements in the camera with features such as 1-Touch Level/Span, analyse thermal images and report findings easily with included FLIR Tools+ software.

Benefits of the Viewfinder

Avoid glare in daylight conditions by switching to the high-resolution viewfinder making using the camera and finding faults easier and more efficient, no matter how bright it is outside.

Benefits of the 180˚Rotating Optical Block

Surveying sites all day can be a tiring job, but the optical block makes things more comfortable and ergonomic, allowing you to aim and angle the lens at the object you are measuring, which is particularly beneficial for building surveyors when looking up at tall buildings or those in HV applications. The T1020 has been built with user comfort in mind.

FLIR T1020 Lenses

Multi-lens kits can save you money on individual buying price, and give you an even greater scope when used on-site, see the table below to find out the benefits and specifications of what each lens offers.

  FLIR T199077 Thermal Lens (12°) FLIR T199064 Thermal Camera Lens (28°) FLIR T199066 Wide Angle Lens (45°)
Field of View (FOV) 12° x 9° (15.2° diagonal)  28 x 21° (34.5 diagonal) 45 x 34° (55.2° diagonal)         
Minimum Focus Distance 0.8m (2.63ft) 0.4m (1.32ft) 0.2m (0.66ft)
Focal Length 83.4mm (3.28") 36mm (1.42") 21.2mm (0.83")
Spatial Resolution (IFOV) 0.20mrad 0.47mrad 0.80mrad
Lens Identification Automatic Automatic Automatic
F-Number 1.2 1.15 1.1
Number of Lenses 5 (5 asph) 4 (4 asph) 4 (4 asph)
Distortion 2.2% 2.8% 1.71%


PASS Presents - FLIR T-Series Explained

FLIR T Series Cameras | T540, T530, T840, T865, T1020

Introduction the the FLIR T1020 (TK1) Thermal Camera

Introducing the FLIR T1K Thermal Imaging Camera

Key Features

  • HD quality thermography - 1024 x 768-pixel thermal resolution
  • Exceptionally high thermal sensitivity - < 0.02°C at +30°C(2x better than industry standard)
  • UltraMax mode scales resolution up to 3.1MP
  • MSX mode - blend together thermal and digital images with enhanced detail
  • FLIR OSX Precision HDIR Optical system - see more from further away (up to 2x the distance)
  • Continuous autofocus mode
  • Advanced OSX optical system for using the camera in extreme conditions
  • Unique optical path removes the effects of heat sources from outside the camera's field of view
  • Programmable buttons - quicker access to your most commonly-used functions
  • Radiometric video recording at full resolution
  • One-click Rapid Report generation
  • 4.3" display with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
  • Touchscreen
  • Selectable colour palettes
  • Removable SD card for easy transfer
  • Built-in LED light

FLIR Thermal Studio Pro

As an introductory offer, you will receive a 3-month free trial of FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and Route Creator plugin Software, after the free trial ends, customers can renew by purchasing a full 1-year subscription or they will automatically be reverted to the new Thermal Studio Starter version free of charge. 

FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software Key Features

  • A versatile program designed for performing state-of-the-art thermal image analysis and reporting
  • Full licence: one-off payment required; access is not subject to annual subscription payments 
  • Supports thermal images and videos in standard FLIR formats captured by all of FLIR’s modern thermography cameras
  • Supports FLIR’s C-, T-, E- GF-, P6-series and FLIR One cameras
  • Suitable for thermographers working in a variety of environments using handheld cameras, optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)
  • Supports an OPTIONAL FLIR Route Creator Plug-in: create customised inspection paths for download to compatible FLIR T-series Thermal Cameras
  • Inspection paths streamline inspections as temperature data and thermal images are gathered in a logical order
  • Automation of data management improves the maintenance of historical records and predictive maintenance 
  • Manage thousands of thermal images and videos
  • Advanced processing capabilities
  • Automation capabilities
  • Streamline workflow and increase productivity
  • Makes editing thermal images and videos as simple as editing digital images and videos
  • Create customised and comprehensive reports quickly
  • Increases processing, analysing and reporting efficiency allowing the user to spend more time in the field
  • Can be set to perform automated batch processing actions
  • A pre-defined set of actions can be applied to a number of images
  • The properties of one thermal image can be applied across all images
  • Automated batch processing increases the efficiency of post-production, analysis and report generation
  • MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) and other visual light features can be adjusted
  • An array of advanced measurement functions allows the user to perform coverage calculations, multi-source plots and formula computations
  • Enhance gas visualisation from SEQ and CSQ files using the high-sensitivity mode and pixel binding function in order to identify difficult-to-see gas leaks in post-production
  • Can be used to analyse UAS images as the software supports roll, pitch and yaw functions
  • Store, access, move and edit large thermal video files
  • Select video segments to be exported in standard formats
  • Identify and edit radiometric video segments that show gas leaks in motion
  • Composes professional thermal inspection reports of one-hundred pages or more in less than a minute
  • Report templates can be tailored to the customer’s requirements
  • Microsoft Office is not required
  • Standalone application for Windows 7,8 and 10 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Available in over twenty languages
  • Powerful, flexible and efficient software program
  • Designed to process, manage, analyse and edit vast quantities of thermal videos and images as well as create complete reports

What Accessories Come with the FLIR T1020?

  • Comes with a choice of lens
  • 2 x Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • HDMI-HDMI Cable
  • Hard Transport Case
  • Large Eyecup
  • Lens Cap
  • Neck Strap
  • Power Supply + Multi Plugs
  • USB Cable (Standard A to Micro-B)
  • Calibration Certificate
  • FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software (3 Month Subscription)
  • FLIR Route Plugin for the FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Software (3 Month Subscription)
  • User Documentation on CD-ROM
  • Printed Documentation
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • SD Card

FLIR T-Series Thermal Camera Comparison

  T530 T540 T560 T840 T865 T1020
Thermal Resolution 320 x 240 pixels 464 x 348 pixels 640 x 480 pixels 464 x 348 pixels 640 x 480 pixels 1024 x 768 pixels
Temperature Range -20˚C to 650˚C -20˚C to 1500˚C -20˚C to 1500˚C -20˚C to 1500˚C -40˚C to 2000˚C -40˚C to 2000˚C
Accuracy ±2˚C or ±2% ±1˚C or ±2%
Image Frequency 30 Hz
Digital Zoom 1-4x 1-6x 1-8x 1-6x 1-8x 1-8x
Viewfinder - - - Yes
Rotating Optic Block - - - Yes
Available Lenses 14˚, 24˚, 42˚ 6˚, 12˚, 24˚, 42 14˚, 24˚, 42˚ 12˚, 28˚ & 45˚

FLIR T1020 Technical Specifications

Imaging and Optical Data
IR Sensor 1024 x 768 (786, 432 measurement pixels)
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD <0.02°C at +30°C
Lens Choices 12, 28, 45°, 3x close-up
Minimum Focus Distance 0.2m (0.66ft) to 0.8m (2.13ft), depending upon the lens
Image Frequency 30Hz
Spectral Range 7.5 to 14μm
4.3" Display 800 x 480 pixels
Auto Orientation Yes
Touch Screen Yes
Image Presentation Modes
Thermal Image Yes
Visual Image Yes
UltraMax Unique super resolution process quadruples pixel count up to 3.1MP
MSX Embosses visual details on full resolution thermal image, for clear text and location identification
Gallery Yes
Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or 2%, whichever is greater, at 25°C (77°F) nominal
Measurement Analysis
Measurement Tools 10 spotmeters, 5+5 areas (boxes, circles) with min/max/average
Emissivity Correction Variable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from materials list
Measurements Correction Emissivity, reflected temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric temperature, object distance, external IR window compensation
Colour Palettes Iron, Rainbow, Rainbow HC, White Hot, Black Hot, Arctic, Lava
Storage of Media
Storage Media Removable SD card (class 10)
Image File Format Standard JPEG, including digital photo and measurement data
Video Recording/Streaming
Radiometric IR Video Recording Real-time radiometric recording to SD card
Non-Radiometric IR Video Recording H.264 to SD Card
Radiometric IR Video Streaming Real-time radiometric streaming via USB
Non-Radiometric IR Video Streaming H.264 video using Wi-Fi or USB
Digital Camera
Digital Camera FOV adapts to the IR lens
Video Lamp Built-in LED light
Additional Information
USB, Connector Type USB micro-AB data transfer to and from PC/Uncompressed colourised video
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion polymer battery
Battery Operating Time >2.5 hours at 25°C (+68°F)
Charging System In-camera (AC adapter or 12V from a vehicle) or 2-bay charger
Charging Time 2.5 hours to 90% capacity
External Power Operation AC adapter, 90-260V AC input, 50/60Hz or 12V output from a vehicle (cable with standard plug, optional)
Power Management Automatic power-off functionality, user-configurable
Storage Temperature -40 to +70°C (-40 to 158°F)
Weight 1.9kg (4.3lbs) to 2.1kg (4.6lbs), depending upon lens model
Tripod Mounting UNC ¼"-20
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