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About Flue Gas Analyser Kits

Gas is used for a huge range of different things in modern society from: heating our homes, cooking our food and even to manufacture a wide range of products. Despite all of its uses caution must still be taken when working with gas to ensure that accidents do not happen. Gas testing kits are instrumental in maintaining any system that uses gas; they can be used for everything from detecting leaks to analysing the constituents of a location’s atmosphere.

The primary role of a gas tester is to test for a range of airborne elements and calculate the percentage or PPM for each element that exists. This can be exceptionally useful when analysing waste gasses such as those generated from a flue. It is very important when selecting a gas tester to ensure that it is capable of detecting the range of different chemicals required, this is because a tester may be specifically tailored to enable high accuracy on a select few gasses. Gas analysers have the ability to be improved with a tremendous scope of different accessories allowing for more accurate testing and testing in even the most difficult of places.

Also included in gas testing kits are carbon monoxide detectors these precision instruments will respond to high levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide can be lethal as it restricts oxygen flow in the blood and is virtually undetectable to humans. Unfortunately carbon monoxide can be produced by a large number of different household items including: boilers, cookers and storage heaters. Portable CO detectors are perfect for landlords and building inspectors to make sure that properties are up to the very highest safety standards.

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