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We stock the leading flue gas analyser brands, including; Anton, TPI, Testo and Kane.

The majority of homes in Britain have the potential to generate and emit harmful gasses into the environment from their heating systems. A flue gas analyser allows a trained engineer to inspect the waste gasses being produced by a property of any size and correctly diagnose possible issues. Flue gasses are generated when fuel such as gas, wood or coal is burnt; this is typically done in heating systems or in industrial settings such as a power plant.

The Gas Safe Register recommends all domestic properties having an inspection every year in order to insure that any gas system is operating safely and to maximum capacity.

Flue gas analysers are capable of detecting a wide range of different gasses as well as calculating the concentrations of each element present. There are a number of different constituents of flue gas these can range from harmless gasses such as: Nitrogen, oxygen and water vapour. To far more hazardous chemicals such as: carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxides. All of these elements, if exposed to for a prolonged period, can cause severe sickness and even death.

As well as providing detailed analysis of the components of flue gas, most flue gas analysers can provide additional functions of both pressure and flow meters. These versatile tools are all an engineer will require to perform most tests required of a domestic system.

Tester also offers a range of meters specifically designed for the rigours of industrial testing allowing for a much great range of tests to be performed at incredible accuracy.

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