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Kewtech FFINDER Fuse Finder Kit

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Kewtech's Fuse Finder is a safe, effective method of identifying the location of a fuse and defining which fuse/MCB controls a particular circuit. 

This comprehensive fuse finding kit includes a transmitter, receiver and mains lead, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of different applications.

The included transmitter connects directly to the circuit which will be traced by using either the mains lead or fused test lead set. Fully powered from the supply with no batteries required, the transmitter will then inject a signal into the circuit which can be picked up by the receiver at the fuse board.

The receiver automatically auto-tunes itself when scanning a bank of fuses and MCBs. At least two scans are required in order for the receiver to adjust its sensitivity to detect the strongest signal and determine the correct fuse for the circuit under test.

To make it easy to find the source of the signal, the receiver uses LED light indicators which clearly show rising signal strength.

Kewtech FFINDER Fuse Finder Kit Key Features

  • Injects a signal into a circuit to help you find the correct fuse which is associated with the circuit
  • Transmitter injects a high frequency signal onto the circuit under test
  • Use the receiver to detect the correct signal at the distribution board
  • Clear LED light indicators on the receiver show signal strength
  • Reciever automatically tunes sensitivity
  • Scanning sensitivity reset button
  • Ferrite transducer scanning head

What's Included?

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Mains Lead Cable (for Transmitter)
  • Instruction Manual

Optional Accessories

  • Kewtech ACC016E Three Wire Distribution Board Leads (for connecting to lighting circuits)

Kewtech FFINDER Technical Specifications

Standard IEC 61010 250V CAT III, Double insulated
Transmitter Supply 110V/230V 50-60Hz
Transmitter Current <20mA
Receiver Batteries 2 x AA alkaline
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