Wasps have been stirring up unrest in the home of PASS Ltd employee Stephen Lynch. Silent and covert, Stephen was unable to locate the wasp nest he suspected was concealed within his young daughter’s bedroom. Requiring a more sophisticated method of detection, Stephen turned to thermal imaging.

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The Problem

Stephen was unable to find a hidden and quiet wasp nest located somewhere within his daughter’s bedroom.

The Solution

Using thermal imaging technology, Stephen could detect the heat emitted by the wasp nest, allowing him to pinpoint exactly where in the room it was hidden. Using a Teledyne FLIR E6 Thermal Imaging Camera and a rainbow thermal colour palette, Stephen could see there was a disparity between the heat behind the vent and the heat of the rest of the wall. The small red and white circle indicates that this is the area within the scene emitting the most thermal energy; most likely, this is where the wasps have set up camp.

Biocide was added to the vent and, to prevent an escape attempt and stop the powder from leaking into the room, the area around it was sealed.

The images below illustrate the effects of the biocide. You can see the burning red and white spot cool to a yellow and orange fuzz, as small red spots (wasps) begin to drop away from the nest. Proof the biocide is working.

Further Information

Teledyne FLIR’s Thermal Cameras have more uses than just wasp apprehension. Their ability to detect heat and map the distribution of thermal energy makes them ideal for finding faulty electrical components; locating pipes, radiator blockages, and insulation problems; as well as assessing the extent of water damage or the severity of damp.

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