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DiLog DL9118 Multifunction Tester

DiLog DL9118 Multifunction Tester
sku: DL9118
MPN: DL9118

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  • Ideal for any electrical installer
  • Exclusive Xpert Loop Technology - won't trip RCDs and RCBOs
  • Full colour screen, remote testing probe and huge range of testing procedures included

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Was: £1,149.00
You Save: £680.00
£469.00 Incl. VAT £562.80
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  • 30M R2 Extension Wander Test Lead (PVC Cable Reel)
  • CK Tools AVIT 5 x Insulated Screwdriver Set
  • Silvertronic 3 Wire Silicone Test Lead Set

DiLog DL9118 Multifunction Tester Details

Di-Log Price Promo

This is the Di-LOG DL9118, a highly precise, useful multifunction electrical installation tester that's an excellent option for any professional electrician.

Equipped with the UK's largest colour LCD display, the DL9118 makes it easy to view all of your measurements results and colour-coded screens which flash when errors are made to ensure you do everything right, every single time.

The Di-LOG DL9118 performs every test an electrical installer will need. It can test voltage, continuity, insulation, loop impedance (at both high and low current), performs loop test PFC measurements, high current loop impedance, line test PSC and RCD trip time/trip current tests.

Thanks to an included remote test probe, you don't even have to be near your meter to start testing! Just connect up, change to the settings you need and activate the test with your probe whenever you're ready.

RCD-LOC - No-Trip, Reliable Results

Equipped with Di-Log's new Xpert Loop Technology (XLT), the DL9118 is made to allow high accuracy loop testing without tripping any types of RCDs and RCBOs.

Di-Log DL9118 Multifunction Tester Key Features

  • Loop impedance testing with unique auto-start RCD-LOC XLT loop testing functionality (designed not to trip any RCDs and RCBOs)
  • Prospective short circuit current test with auto start and direct readout of PSCC
  • High current loop test with auto start and high current Ze measurements
  • Phase rotation tests - shows correct phase sequence
  • Continuity test with automatic start, null facility and zero out lead resistance
  • RCD testing with trip time, trip current, autotest and ramp current
  • RCD auto tests - test RCDs in auto mode and recall the test results once finished
  • Insulation measurements with selectable 250, 500 and 1000V test voltages
  • Integrated socket polarity test
  • Fully protected against damage when accidentally connected across phases
  • Activate tests remotely with the included remote test probe
  • UK's largest full-colour LCD display on a multifunction tester
  • 2-year warranty included as standard

What's Included?

  • Di-Log DL9118 Multifunction Tester
  • Remote Test Probe
  • Test Leads
  • 3-Wire Test Lead Set w/ Mains Plug
  • Toolbox Carrying Case
  • Certificate of Calibration
Accessories (4)

30M R2 Extension Wander Test Lead (PVC Cable Reel)
Was: £75.00
You Save: £45.01
£29.99 Incl. VAT £35.99
50M R2 Extension Wander Test Lead (PVC Cable Reel)
Was: £89.00
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£39.99 Incl. VAT £47.99
CalCard Calibration Checkbox
Was: £20.99
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£20.00 Incl. VAT £24.00
Silvertronic 3 Wire Silicone Test Lead Set
Was: £39.00
You Save: £17.05
£21.95 Incl. VAT £26.34
Technical Specs

Part Code: DL9118
(Size: 594.5 KB)

Di-Log DL9118 Technical Specifications

Range 0 to 440V
Accuracy ±5% ±2 digits from 0 to 100Hz
Resolution 1V
Range 0.01 to 200Ω
Accuracy ±2% ±5 digits
Resolution 0.01 to 1.99Ω
2.0 to 19.9Ω
20 to 200Ω
Test Voltage >4V DC >25V DC Open circuit
Compliance IEC61557-4 and IEC61557-10
Range 0.05MΩ to 200MΩ
Accuracy ±5% ±5 digits
Resolution 0.01MΩ to 1.99MΩ
2.0MΩ to 19.9MΩ
20MΩ to 200MΩ
Test Voltage 250, 500 and 1000V
Test Current 1mA
Compliance IEC61557-2 and IEC61557-10
No Trip Loop Impedance
Range 0.01Ω to 2000Ω
Typical Accuracy ±5% ± 12 digits (to 1.99Ω)
±5 digits (to 2000Ω)
Resolution 0.01 to 1.99Ω
2.0Ω to 19.9Ω
20Ω to 2000Ω
Test Current <15mA RMS
High Current Loop Impedance
Range 0.01Ω to 2000Ω
Typical Accuracy ±5% ± 5 digits
Resolution 0.01Ω to 1.99Ω
2.0Ω to 19.9Ω
20Ω to 2000Ω
Test Current 3.5A Peak
Loop Test PFC Measurements
Range 1A to 26Ka
Accuracy ±5% ±5 digits
Range 1A to 999A
1kA to 26kA
High Current Loop Impedance
Range 0.01 to 2000Ω
Typical Accuracy ±5% ±5 digits
Resolution 0.01Ω to 1.99Ω
2.0Ω to 19.9Ω
20Ω to 2000Ω
Test Voltage Phase to neutral 190V to 260V
Phase to phase 328V to 440V
Test Current 3.5A peak
Line Test PSC Measurements
Range 1A to 26kA
Accuracy ±5% ±5 digits
Range 1A to 999A
1kA to 26kA
RCD Trip Time Tests
Range 0ms to 2000ms
Accuracy ±5% ±2 digits
Range 0 to 2000ms 1/2 1x
0 to 300ms 1x general (500ms selective)
0 to 40ms 5x
Test Current 10mA/30mA/100mA (1/2, 1x, 5x current)
300mA/500mA (1/2, 1x current)
Compliance IEC61557-6 and IEC61557-10
RCD Trip Current Tests
Range 0.5I∆n to 1.1I∆n
Accuracy ±5% of expected current
Step Size 0.1I∆n
Step Duration 300ms
Compliance IEC61557-6 and 61557-10

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Good value easy to use tester

Review by A. M. Ince B.Sc. (Hons), I.Eng, MIET (Posted on 08/10/2018)


For anybody with a limited budget this tester provides an excellent choice. It is easy to use and the accessory leads are easily stored on the tool tray in the protective case. This tray also has room for the CombiVolt2 DL6790 which came as a free extra!
It will carry out all the required tests for BS7671. It doesn't have a built in earth eletrode test option like some expensive MFT's but with the Ze/Zs high current option it is acceptable for testing earth protection to 18th Edition requirements.
Build quality seems to be good and the adjustable neck strap ensures the tester can be used while standing with both hands free.
PASS provided the best value for purchase with the various offers available for free extras.

Value for money

Review by Tony V (Posted on 11/09/2018)


The Di log does everything a domestic installer needs at a fraction of the cost of others

Fantastic tester for the money

Review by Paul Allen (Posted on 12/12/2017)


This tester is ridiculously easy to use. It is the best and fastest tester I have ever used.

Superb tester

Review by Mick (Posted on 24/07/2017)


Used the usual testers, Fluke, Megger and Metrel . Was attracted to this meter due to its range of functions and price, Still getting used to the meter, but would like to say so far very very impressed. The 17th edition multifunction meter has very fast test results, I also like the ability to change settings from manual to automatic on most tests, and lock the meter in auto or manual
Case is good could be stronger and as with all testers there is never enough room for all testing paraphernalia, but in this case more than most , have downloaded the PDF manual which is needed as the test leads plug into different configuration than previous meters, as said still getting used to meter. My only criticism is on Insulation Resistance testing it fluctuates on the screen quickly, which makes it difficult to have a static test result, normally satisfied on other testers by a bleep or held display temporarily , and i mean that is the only minor criticism. Overall the best meter by a long way, and considering its price tag that quantifies it to "Superb 17th edition test meter," YOU will not be dissappointed.

Easy to use

Review by Chris Spencer (Posted on 03/07/2017)


Great tester for a good price, far easier to use than the 9083P .

Great addition to my van

Review by Dan Thomas (Posted on 23/06/2017)


Great tester, handy auto start option for doing continuity, IR and Zs. Does all the tests you will need. Strong carry case.

Quality for the price

Review by Alan Gilson (Posted on 21/05/2017)


I was looking for a new tester and was thinking of the usual brands. I came across this tester and have spoken to a few I know that recently bought one. I think it's brilliant. Pretty top end features for the price. Feels quality, love the case and it's very easy to use. The huge colour screen is a great help to see the readings at a glance and it even goes red if you inadvertently do something wrong. If you are thinking of getting a new machine, save yourself around £250 against its equivalent top brand. You won't be disappointed. Made in Britain too. That's a plus at the minute.


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