18th Edition Certificates (27 Products)

About 18th Edition Certificates

When carrying out electrical inspection it is often the responsibility of a certified electrician to deliver certificates based upon that inspection. This category contains a selection of different electrical 18th edition certificates that are designed to ensure compliance with 18th edition and general electrical regulations.

Under the rules and regulations of the IET Wiring Regulations (18th Edition) it outlines that various types of electrical certificates and reports must be provided depending upon the type of work that was undertaken. It goes on to state that Electrical Installation Condition Reports must be issued after periodic testing and that other certificates such as Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates can be used as alternatives to Electrical Installation Certificates.

In order to maintain 18th edition electrical compliance it is therefore extremely important to consider exactly what type of electrical certificate you need, and make sure that is signed and filled in correctly as appropriate. This not only makes sure you are in line with 18th edition regs, but also makes sure your company can produce professional certificates and improve your overall reputation.

Of course there is also more specialist types of certificate – users can keep records on fire certification, document periodic inspection reports, write down details about emergency lighting procedures and more. There are also several different types of electrical installation certificates, including conditions reports, Part P Domestic electrical installation certificates, schedule of circuit details, observation recommendations and others.

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